Sis, Don’t Settle with Judge Faith Jenkins


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From working as a wall street litigator, to family court, to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Judge Faith Jenkins has had an expansive legal career in New York. On the bench of her own court show, Divorce Court, Judge Faith uses tough love to settle disputes between couples. Tune in to this episode of Inspired Living to learn more from Judge Faith, including her book, Sis. Don’t Settle, as she encourages women to reach for more in their lives, and not to just settle for anything.

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  • [02:00] Faith’s experience competing for Miss America, and the impact on her future career because of it.
  • [09:00] How Faith took her real life experience and translated it into her TV career and creating her own production company.
  • [20:00] Faith talks about the messages in her book, Sis, Don’t Settle.
  • [27:00] Keri and Faith discuss getting married later in life and how that allowed them to find themselves and not settle just to fit society norms.


  • You don’t have to give in to societal norms to get married by a certain age or accomplish certain things.
  • Knowing and loving yourself first can let you find the right person for you in life.
  • Forge your own path and use your experience to your advantage.
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