It’s time for you to get massive exposure to grow & scale your business

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Become the go-to “celebrity” expert in your industry.

Stop hiding out & be more visible.

Your message matters! Get clear on your niche and how to connect with your ideal client..

Use video to grow and scale your business to 6 figures and beyond.

Use the 4 channels to establish yourself as the authority.

Get over your nerves and step into the spotlight.

Easily create videos that attract and convert your ideal clients.

Step into your Brilliance and Broadcast it to the world!




Channel 3:
Media & PR

Channel 4:


In Studio Experience:
Professional Video

Why the Broadcast Your Brilliance Program Works...

Weekly Q & A Sessions

Get your questions answered on the content and strategies you are learning in the program.  And, learn from the questions you didn’t even know you need to ask.

1-1 Coaching

Get out of your head and into action with you Client Success Manager.  This is your weekly opportunity to get clarity on your next step and keep moving forward. 

IL WorkSuite

Learn in-depth strategies based on the 5 Channels (video, social media, PR, podcasting, and  conversion). At the end of each training you will receive an action item designed to strengthen your marketing muscle. 

Conversion Formula Calls

Each month Inspired Living’s Director of Sales, Lacie Dionne  will be taking you through her proven Conversion Formula to help you set your monthly revenue goals and design a plan to help you make them. 

"How To" Tutorials

Receive access to all our How To Tutorials. Stop trying to figure out how to edit videos, post on social media, create reels, upload on YouTube..etc. Tech can be tricky, until now! 


You will inspire others and receive support from this community of like minded, heart centered, business owners as you complete the homework, practice polishing your marketing, and push through resistance.


#1. Unlock Your Message with Elizabeth Walker

The #1 issue we see and hear from every single one of your past and current Inspired Living clients is..."I don't know my message." That's all going to change in this private 1-1 session with Elizabeth. In just 60 minutes, Coach Elizabeth will help you narrow your niche, get clear on how to talk about what you do so it lands (imagine instant referrals!) and create “done for you” solution statements to position yourself as an expert. And, you will leave with her exclusive 4 part formula on what to say (and how to say it) on video.

#2. The One Word Experience Rich Keller

You must quickly articulate how you add value in today’s fast-paced digital world. The One Word Experience will help you create and communicate your 'one word' personal brand with confidence, clarity and conviction. Then, you'll have a 1-one-1 call with Rich where he will help you design and refine for maximum impact with your target audience.


A Virtual Ticket To Our LIVE 3-day Immersive Event

July 2024


Elevate your income and impact through Video

One of the most dynamic, innovative and rejuvenating experiences for female entrepreneurs who know they’re meant for more.

Value: $997

Meet some of Your Expert Coaches

Keri Murphy

The CEO and founder of Inspired Living, Keri Murphy is committed to empowering people all over the world to “Dream it. Live it. BE it!” This international speaker, media expert and business mentor honed her expertise in the entrepreneurial field for over 20 years and on-camera for over 3 decades. Her company specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to clarify their message, authentically show up on-camera and leverage video in order to build an influential brand.

Kelley Day

Top news anchor, reporter and producer, writing, voicing, presenting and crafting people’s stories and news copy for 23 YEARS.

Kelley helps you learn how to properly position yourself to the media.

Elizabeth Walker

After an almost 20-year career as a television producer, working with networks like Showtime, HGTV and The Food Network, Elizabeth Walker has helped hundreds uncover their message.

Elizabeth helps you finally get clear on your niche & money making message. 

Lacie Dionne

Over 15 years experience working with national television networks and major brands such as McDonalds, Sketchers and Audi delivering messages across all media channels to ensure growth and impact. 

Lacie helps you increase your sales by focusing on the right sales & marketing strategies. 

Bridget Brady

Owner and Founder of AmpUpMyBiz! She coaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to grow their brand online. ​

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Commonly Asked Questions

While the content is primarily delivered in a group environment, there are many touch points with us to customize the information for your specific business and to get all your questions answered such as:

  • with your client success accountability coach
  • in your private messaging session with Elizabeth
  • in weekly Q & A  sessions and office hours
  • in the private FB group
  • during monthly Conversion Formula Calls with Lacie Dionne
  • getting feedback from your accountability partner if you choose to have one

There’s a logical order to the delivery of this content. We can’t start you pitching to the media if you don’t even know your message or your video skills are lacking. So, we move you through 5 main sections of how to broadcast your brilliance.  They include: 

  1. Video (a much deeper dive than the masterclass). How to use the different types of videos, where to post them, getting confident on camera without a script or 25 takes, being clear with your message, developing your call to action and more.
  2. Social Media This is everything social –  what to post, when to post, where to be on the platforms and the best strategies from the latest social media trends. We also talk about organic vs paid reach, going live, how to make sure you’re getting the most engagement from your posts and more.
  3. Podcasting We cover both how to guest on podcasts as well as how to start your own podcast. We’ll review the best practices for both and you’ll see how podcasting can be a powerful marketing tool.
  4. Sales & Conversion Each month Inspired Living’s Director of Sales, Lacie Dionne  will be taking you through her proven Conversion Formula to help you set your monthly revenue goals and design a plan to help you make them. 

Each session is recorded so you can catch up at your convenience. However, each session builds upon the next as you grow into your confidence and reach online. So, we recommend that even if you miss sessions, you stay caught up and on track with the goals and results of the program.