Video is not the future.

it's now.

I’m here to help you master it.

Master Video.


explode your business!

A 2-day on-camera training workshop PLUS studio shoot, on-site glam squad, and Hollywood-quality video for your website.

When you join us in person you will wrap up the 2-days with a professional edited video that you can use right away!


21st & 22nd



Open to 6 participants ONLY PER SESSION.

20th & 21st



Open to 6 participants ONLY PER SESSION.


brilliant entrepreneur! ​

As a rising leader who’s always looking to level up, you already know that adding video to your business strategy can help you…

Increase your conversion rates by up to 80% (WebFX)

Have users become 64% more likely to buy a product online (Hubspot)

Build instant trust with your audience

Spread your message to more people, faster

Bring in more sales, clients, and raving fans!

...and so much more.​

The writing’s on the wall (and the screen). While videos were once considered a ‘business bonus,’ now,

they’re a must for entrepreneurs to remain competitive!

Professionally executed videos, fueled by your greater mission, is the ultimate way to reach more people (and make more moolah).

Still, despite all the stats and your deep desire to spread your mission to more people…

something may still be stopping you.

Chances are, you might tell yourself things like:

  • “Video feels overwhelming! What would I say?” 
  • “Won’t I need a fancy camera and expensive lighting equipment?”
  • “I can’t memorize a script to save my life.”
  • “I’m bad on camera.” 
  • “I don’t want to look ‘on’ or salesy.”

Are you ready to...

  • Feel totally confident on camera quickly
  • Know Exactly what to say without ever having to memorize a script
  • Create quality, professional-level videos with your phone or laptop
  • Feel totally authentic making your offer and telling your story
  • Have professionally edited footage of you delivering you message
  • And most importantly, master your irresistible IT FACTOR

I’m Keri Murphy

TV veteran, media expert, and founder of Inspired Living

and that’s exactly what I’m here to teach you.

It took me years – no, decades  of trial and error to master video, but after working on MTV, E!, FOX and NBC, I developed stress-free techniques, massive shortcuts, and psychological tools to help entrepreneurs,  like you create crazy impactful, high-quality videos in record time. 

This step-by-step, streamlined process will help you channel confidence, look incredible, and deliver your camera-ready message like a pro-whether you’re in my fancy studio, or just sitting at home in front of your laptop.


IT Factor™ has quickly become one of my most sought-after trainings for a reason: it is the best way to master video for your business while capturing your authentic self, and getting comfortable on camera faster.

It’s also a fabulous experience complete with a private studio session, hair and makeup team, professional editing of your video, and so much more.

This step-by-step, streamlined process will help you channel confidence, look incredible, and deliver your camera-ready message like a pro — whether you’re in my fancy studio, or just sitting at home in front of your laptop.

The best part? I’m ready to share it all with YOU in person, at my…

But wait, What’s an "IT Factor"?

I’ve worked from various angles of the entertainment industry – modeling, acting, hosting, even running a modeling agency – and the same phrase is heard again and again:

“Does he or she have “IT?” — a.k.a. that unique authenticity, irresistibility, and style that makes a person stand out from the crowd.

The good news? I’ve learned that when people are living their purpose, committed to their mission, their IT Factor comes to life!

Everyone has the IT Factor

especially you!

You know I’m right. You feel it deep inside, and I promise it can be experienced again and again – with consistency.

“I am thrilled with the video that was created by our time together. It is incredible! An absolute masterpiece... It's not just the quality of the production, you have a gift for helping people say their message. You take what they want to say and give them the words to say it. You knew just how to craft the message and you seemed to do it effortlessly...”

Yes, the lighting is exceptional. Our studio is nothing short of a quality television soundstage. The camera costs more than most of our cars, and you’ll have a team of beauty experts to help you look incredible. 

pink 2 new

But defining and accessing your IT Factor is the most important element of the whole training, because once you learn how to harness it… 

Watch out!

In just 2 DAYS of group and one-on-one coaching with me, you will:

With a MAXIMUM of 6 slots for a tight-knit community and personalized attention, here’s what you’ll get:

Alone, an investment in this level of training, equipment, and professional support would cost over $15,000! 

But when you join IT Factor, we include all of the above!

if you are ready, fill out the form below & schedule a call with an
"IT" Factor team member.

*Payment plans available

“I will admit, when you said it was ‘life changing,’ I thought, ‘Well, maybe that’s a stretch,’ but WOW! You know what you do and you delivered LIFE changing! Thank you so much for this amazing experience. It helped me not just feel confident on camera, but comfortable and confident to be ME, in my brand, unleashed!”

Day 1


  • An intimate group of entrepreneurs (6 max) will share their business passion and goals. 
  • Together, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of being on camera, and tips to help you look and sound your best.
  • You’ll learn how to optimize the simple devices you already have at home, like your phone and laptop, to film beautifully lit and great sounding videos. 
  • I will coach each person, one-on-one, and learn what makes you pop! 
  • You’ll take your business mission and craft a message for website visitors, that are unique to you. 
  • You’ll learn my tested and proven formula to communicate your message clearly, and find your call to action – never memorizing a script! 

Day 2

It’s Showtime!

  • You’ll arrive at a television quality studio and work with professional hair and makeup artists. Don’t worry, no Glamour Shots, you’ll look like you (only fit for TV!).
  • Then, it’s go-time. I’ll work with you one-on-one and pull the perfect performance out of you.
  • You’ll receive professional video footage after working with our television editor and have a polished piece that’s perfect for your platforms and business promotions.

This game-changing experience will last you the LIFETIME of your business, this INCLUDES a polished video designed for your website, landing page, or profile.

Are you ready to be instantly seen as an expert in your field – delivering your best self and in turn, attracting the best clients?


Then you’ll have more room to grow! This experience is the perfect place to learn, and by the end of these two days, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

Not only can I help, I can relate. In addition to experience, I have a few techniques that will help take the focus off of those nerves and onto the task at hand. It’s common to feel this way, which is why we’ve created such a small group in the most supportive environment imaginable. This is the perfect place to shake those nerves out. We’ve got you!

Not at all! I actually beg my clients to not memorize a script. Memorized pitches feel inauthentic and disconnected. The outline I teach will keep you from EVER having to memorize a script in your business videos again!

Yes! Attention spans are short so your video needs purpose, engagement, and a strong call to action. I’ll be teaching my signature 5 Types of Videos you must be using in your business so you can incorporate them into your marketing plan. This experience will help give your videos the edge they need to stand out in a sea of online content.

This footage is powerful for any entrepreneur at any level. Called a positioning video, it’s used to position you as an expert in your field. They work great on your home page, landing page, or any press-related submissions.

No! That’s the beauty of this training. While you will learn how to be comfortable in TV interviews and with shooting professional quality footage, I also teach you the tricks I use for Facebook Lives, Youtube videos, and Zoom calls. A few simple lighting and sound adjustments make a world of difference and will help you consistently and quickly create content from your home or office!

Yes. Email [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you with some payment options.

You’ve made it this far, lovely

the time is NOW!

These 6 spots sell out FAST and this event only comes around a few times a year. So jump in head first and discover a whole new level of influence and profit. Your tribe is standing by to see what you’ve got. Don’t keep them waiting! 

This program is for you if...

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Join us

live in person

to craft your message, ignite your it factor,


get on set to create a professionally edited video.


I look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles.

Not sure if IT Factor is right for you? We’ll connect you to an IL team member, who will answer any questions you have, and help get you registered.