When you decide to work with Inspired Living to grow your business you don’t just get one coach, you get a team of established experts and industry leaders to guide you along the way. Meet your business “Dream Team.”

Before starting her own virtual assistant business, Buying Time, Bibi spent 22 years in the corporate world working for companies like North American Logistics and UPS Supply Chain. Bibi’s experience in the corporate arena, as well as my Infusionsoft and Six Sigma certifications, translate directly to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the value of time management and setting up systems to do the work for them.




operations Director + Head Coach

Julie McElroy is an independent entrepreneur who works as a virtual assistant to clients throughout the United States. She provides administrative, creative and technical services. Her clients deliver their request and project instructions by phone, email and instant message. Her administrative services include customer service, data entry, bill processing, social media updating, email and campaign blasts. In addition, Julie has expertise in the following online apps/services: Infusionsoft, Lead Pages, One Shopping Cart, WordPress, Payment Gateways, Merchant Services, Evernote, Asana, Webex, Click Meeting, Go to Webinar and more. She excels in communicating with her clients to fulfill their business needs effectively and keeping them organized and on track.




Operations Manager + Client Relationships 

After an almost 20-year career as a television producer, working with networks like Showtime, HGTV and The Food Network, Elizabeth Walker became an entrepreneur in 2010 and Founded Wake Up with Elizabeth – helping hundreds who are bored or burned out in their work discover their true purpose so they can share their gifts and make money doing what they love. She also mentors business owners around the world who struggle to attract clients. With Inspired Living, Elizabeth provides clarity to our members around their true talents, message and how to inspire potential clients to say YES.




ILTV Producer & Head Coach

Kelley Day is our resident media coach. She was top news anchor, reporter and producer, writing, voicing, presenting and crafting people’s stories and news copy for 23 YEARS. Kelley helps businesses and individuals learn how to properly position themselves to the media.




IL Media Coach

Lacie Dionne is the Director of Marketing. She is responsible for the marketing, communication and business development efforts for the Inspired Living brand. In addition to strategic business development efforts, she directs content creation, branding, advertising and website development.

She has over 15 years experience working with national television networks and major brands such as McDonalds, Sketchers and Audi delivering messages across all media channels to ensure growth and impact. What inspires her the most is helping women use their voice to make a positive impact in the world, which is exactly why she’s part of this outstanding team.





Joy Bennett is a marketing strategist who takes your ideas with legs and gives them wings. Her marketing plans work in the real world – you know, the one where you have only so much time and money. At her core, Joy is a writer and musician. If you visit her corner of the world near Cincinnati, Ohio, you might find her leading sing-alongs in local breweries, advocating for change in local government, or playing the electric bass. She and her husband Scott have been married since 1998 and have four children, three living.

Joy Bennett WARM small



Marketing + Strategy Coach

January is a brand and marketing maven for entrepreneurs ready to change the world with their products and services. With a proven track record of helping clients from small business to massive corporation achieve return on investment, she creatively shapes brands and strategizes campaigns that attract and convert.

JanuaryNeal JPEG 3



Branding and Marketing Coach

I’m Bridget Brady, Owner and Founder of!  We’re a full-service, CUSTOM Online Marketing Agency and we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their brand, their business and their bottom line.  I am thrilled to be the official Social Media Coach on Keri’s team! My latest book, “Jobs to Jammies! Get Out of Your J.O.B. and Be a Work-in-Your-PJs Entrepreneur” is a #1 International Bestseller.




Social Media Coach

After booking and delivering 400 speaking engagements, the most popular question speakers ask Leisa Reid is, “How do I get more speaking gigs?” The underlying question is “How do I get more clients as a speaker?” As the Founder of Get Speaking Gigs Now, Leisa mentors business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact and ultimately attract their ideal clients through speaking.

Leisa Reid.Headshot. 2019(1)



Speaker Coach

Katie Collins is a sales boosting, client generating Business Strategist who helps coaches, healers and online experts get over their fear of sales and visibility so they can make the impact -- and the income -- they pictured when they first started their business.

Her expertise is in teaching how to have successful sales conversations (without being pushy), message clarity, creating profitable packages and programs, and structuring program content, including writing a signature talk with an offer that really sells.

katie city hall (80)(1)



Sales & Business Coach

After spending 25 years snacking on Godiva chocolates, Chips Ahoy! cookies and Planters peanuts. He crafted their identities, too. Now he’s hungry to help you uncover the power of your personal brand. He has the vision of a creative and the analytics of an executive—a rare combination of right-brain and left-brain that delivers results.




Personal Branding Coach