Ready to 



So you’re ready to rock your videos and FB lives, but you’re thinking...will people really watch and want my stuff?

You see yourself podcasting...great! And you wonder... what do I actually say so people comment and click through?

TV stations want to interview you, but you’re convinced you’ll create anti-buzz about your brand by showing up on screen scattered, and unprofessional.

You know you need massive media exposure to grow your business…

And the only way to stop people from scrolling past you, in a hot second, is to




Once you show up like an

an on-air


you’ll get the gigs,
plus the Fans
who are ready to buy.

In this program you will learn

how to

• Show up on-air like a professional A-lister

• Craft your marketing message so you stand out as an authority

• Move from generalist to specialist in your industry

• Exactly what to say and where to say it so you get clicks, comments, and buys

• Effectively use social media so it’s not just a time-suck- but a major selling tool

• Earn massive media exposure without an expensive publicist

• Pitch to the media and lead the interview for optimal impact

• What it takes to produce a podcast that people love and subscribe to

• Implement done-for-you templates for non-techies so you have more time to work within your zone of genius

Through group coaching calls, done-for-you systems, a team of national experts in media, marketing, social channels, and podcasting, along with a former network television producer to walk you through this 8-month program, you’ll go from worried about your hair, the background, and your content, to becoming a produced, polished business owner and media influencer where your posts, videos and interviews go global and your brand finds it way into Forbes.

How it works:

Skills you’ll master:

Broadcast Your Brilliance Bonus

Social media audit

Each person will receive a 15-minute screen- recorded audit of their social channels. That video will include an assessment and recommendations for what to start, stop, and keep doing. This will help you get a quick return on your investment in the first month!