Wellness Starts Within with Fitness and Beauty Icon, Christine Bullock

I think we’re all striving for this ideal body, face, energy, partner, or life. In that quest, sometimes we give up the most important thing: our overall health and wellness. When I started following Christine Bullock on Instagram, she immediately took me; Christine is stunning. She is a trusted voice in wellness and one of the premier fitness & lifestyle experts in the marketplace today. Christine says that if you feel intimated by health and wellness, it’s time to embrace your own genetic makeup; no one is perfect! 

So, Christine joins the show to talk about going through IVF, trying to get pregnant multiple times, having miscarriages, and how she found herself on a quest for wellness. Also, Christine talks to us about her journey into motherhood and growing a thriving business. She reveals the significant shifts that she took along the way. Plus, Christine gives tons of practical advice about starting your own business and the importance of taking care of yourself on your journey.

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In This Episode You’ll Also Learn:

  • [04:45] Don’t take life too seriously! Women should not be intimidated by their health and wellness journey.
    [10:10] Remember to take enough rest time – you do not want to burn your body out!
  • [13:50] The importance of finding the root cause rather than treating symptoms.
  • [19:00] The lessons that Christine has learned from launching her own product line.
  • [25:40] Recommendations from Christine to feel healthy in your own body and space.
  • [30:50] A guide to your self-care, self-love, and wellness journey.

Here are a few of my favorite takeaways:

  • Rest days are incredibly important! Take time to rebuild and rejuvenate. 
  • Find the root cause of your symptoms to truly solve a problem that is going on in your body. 
  • Impatience will kill your dreams more than anything else. Instead, learn how to trust the timing. 
  • Find people to help you on your journey – have an amazing team to support your growth.

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About Christine Bullock:

Christine is a trusted voice in wellness and one of the premier fitness & lifestyle experts in the marketplace today. Christine has held certifications in Yoga, Pilates, General Fitness, massage therapy, Pre & Post Natal Fitness and Nutritional Counseling, and has a B.A. in Psychology and Education. 

She has coached and mentored thousands of women from 16-90, everyone from novice to professional athlete. Christine has created multiple fitness and nutritional programs that support beauty and healthy aging such as for top-rated apps like Fiton App, Sports Illustrated, and Brooke Burke Body. 

She is also the founder and CEO of the award-winning international body care brand Kayo®, which includes Face Grade Body Care®, High Performance Hemp®, and Biometric Beauty® supplements. 


Christine has appeared on television shows airing on Netflix, E!, Bravo, NBC and is a go-to beauty and health expert who is continually featured in magazines and websites globally.  Christine is a Pittsburgh native now residing in Southern California with her husband, toddler, and newborn.

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