Different Channel, Different Audience: How to Repurpose Content


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Are you a content creator? Does the thought of having to create new content from scratch all year round scare you? Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to create new content every single time you post. Repurposing content is a great way to give yourself a break while getting valuable content in front of your audience. Tune in to learn more about content repurposing!

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  • [01:40] The strategy Keri uses to repurpose her content. 
  • [02:32] Different ways to repurpose content.
  • [02:58] How to not get overwhelmed with content creation. 
  • [03:15] Why stories are the perfect way to repurpose content.


  • Make sure you have something of value to share with your audience.
  • Different channel, different  day, different audience.
  • The content in your feed and the content in your stories can be very different. 
  • Content from your vault or from six plus months ago is ready to be repurposed.
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