How she went from making beds, to owning an 8-figure luxury bedding brand with Jen Adams


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As a teenager, Jennifer Adams had to help make ends meet, so she worked as a housekeeper. It was from there she became fascinated by fabric, textures, and layers that went into making products for the best sleep experience. On this episode of Inspired Living, Keri gets the chance to sit down and chat with Jennifer about her experience as an entrepreneur in this industry. 

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  • [03:00] Jen takes us back to where her fascination for interiors and sleep began. 
  • [09:30] Embracing discomfort and using it as a springboard. 
  • [17:00] Jen talks about researching fabrics and designing her line. 
  • [24:00] Some of the greatest lessons Jen has ever learned. 
  • [33:00] Growing pains and how we can be grateful for them.


  • Embracing discomfort can allow for ideas and be a catalyst for the next steps in your process. 
  • Failure can be a breeding ground for success- even after a failure- you can learn from it and create something better. 
  • Don’t fall trap to the comparison game especially on someone else’s social media.
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About Jennifer Adams:

When Jen Adams was a teenager, she had to help make ends meet, so she worked as a housekeeper. Jen studied the science of sleep and the beds that she made. Sleep patterns, fabrics, layers, textures – all of them fascinated her. This hard work as a teen would later shape her life’s work

Early in Jen’s career, she studied, trained, and became an interior designer, most known for cultivating my clients’ perfect beds. She worked for some of Hollywood’s elite, 5-star resorts, and even designed the interiors of several private jets. Armed with that invaluable experience, Jen set out on a personal quest to construct the world’s best sleep experience, and do it at an attainable price point. After sourcing fabrics and weaving processes all over the world, she produced my first Eternal Collection – ultimately redefining soft. Today, with over one million sets sold and a waitlist of luxe hotels, her signature collection is the foundation of the Jennifer Adams company.

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