Speaking Opportunities: How To Tell If They Are A NO Or A GO!


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As an entrepreneur and business owner, your time is valuable- so using it wisely is key to your growth. On this solo episode of Inspired Living, host Keri Murphy talks all about deciding whether or not to take different speaking opportunities. Listen in to learn how choosing your ideal audience and choosing the right opportunities can be helpful to you as a business owner. 

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  • [01:30] How Keri helps clients decide if speaking is the right decision.
  • [04:00] How to leverage your time and who to align yourself with.
  • [06:00] Considering who is offering products and services and knowing the price point.


  • Make sure you are speaking to your ideal audience.
  • Your time is valuable; use it wisely.
  • Sometimes speaking for free can yield more monetary results through your business
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