How to Broadcast your Brilliance with Elizabeth Walker


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On this episode of Inspired Living, Keri brings on her own team member, Elizabeth Walker, to speak about messaging and why that’s so important for business owners. As the head coach of Inspired Living Broadcast Your Brilliance Program, Elizabeth leads and inspires other business owners to make themselves and their businesses stand out. Learn more from Elizabeth and Keri as the talk about how business owners can use their voice to connect with their ideal clients!

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In This Episode:

  • [08:15] Keri and Elizabeth chat about collaboration in the entrepreneurial space as women in business
  • [10:44] How Elizabeth helps business owners with the Broadcast Your Brilliance Program
  • [17:35] Being authentic to be able to connect with your audience
  • [22:29] Embracing the use of video for your business and how to talk to your idea client
  • [28:28] Keri and Elizabeth chat about the Broadcast Your Brilliance program and what that four pillars of that program entails
  • [31:40] Video messaging and social media strategy

Key Takeaways:

  • Keri and Elizabeth launched Broadcast Your Brilliance to help business owners get comfortable on camera with their messaging while also helping them with their online presence and social media strategy to reach their target audience
  • People can relate and connect most with business owners who are authentic and real life situation. This helps potential clients see themselves in those speaking to them
  • Elizabeth’s advice for a business owner who isn’t sure about their message on video or what to say- start by thinking of your ideal client and what you would say to them- what’s the problem you could solve for them and go from there
  • Keri and Elizabeth believe that you should “crown” yourself and go out there and share your expertise. Believe in yourself and that your message is important and you can use it to connect with others.

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About Elizabeth Walker:

With an almost 20-year career as a successful television producer, working with networks like Showtime, Starz, The Food Network and as the Series Producer for multiple HGTV primetime series, Elizabeth Walker has led several high-pressured teams with her vision, inspiration and attention to detail. As the Head Coach of Inspired Living’s  Broadcast your Brilliance Program, she brings her messaging, producing and decade-long entrepreneurial expertise to ignite business owners in going from the best kept secret to standing out online. After building her own business to 10k months and then coaching others to do the same, Elizabeth is passionate about helping others create abundance.  She’s helped thousands — honing messages for Fortune 100 executives and global solopreneurs, producing  and directing on-air talent from the newbie to the network and with her 30+ years in personal development, leading hundreds of mindset-shifting sessions with surgeons, moms, professional athletes and international retreat participants. She’s inspired by women who use their voice, no matter how uncomfortable it is, to make great change in this world.  

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