What’s Best – Going Live or Pre-Recording Content?

Video is a great tool for business owners to use to connect to their ideal clients. So you may wonder, should I go live or use pre-recorded videos? Today Keri discusses the benefits of doing both of these things for your business. Listen today to learn more insights and tips on using video platforms to create an authentic connection with your clients.

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In This Episode:

  • [01:00] The importance of using video to connect with the different journeys clients are on
  • [02:00] Live video is key to showing clients the real aspects of your life and helps them get to know you
  • [04:00] Statistics power of live streaming to potential clients

Key Takeaways:

  • Video creates an emotional connection to potential clients and helps them make a connection with a service or product that they need. 
  • Live video lets clients see the real-time life happening, which is what helps make that emotional connection. Seeing the behind the scenes helps show that you are just like them.
  • People want to see the imperfection- sometimes curated content is too perfect and unrelatable. Seeing behind the scenes helps people form relationships.

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