Saying Adios to Trolls


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Today, Keri is talking about having the courage to show up online- despite the trolls and haters out there. The internet is an amazing tool to inspire and impact other’s lives- but there’s always going to be the ones who hide behind their computer screen making negative comments. Committing to showing up and being able to brush them off is a learned skill and Keri is here to share how she has developed a thick skin to these comments. Tune in to learn more about staying confident and sharing your inspiration and message.

For more inspiration watch to this week’s episode here.

In This Episode:

  • [02:35] Setting your parameters for your content and how people can interact with you about what you share
  • [03:40] Showing up as your authentic self to connect with others who need to hear the same message 
  • [04:16] Showing up consistently to serve, give, and support to give an authentic connection- despite anyone who might not agree with it

Key Takeaways:

  • There are always going to be people on the internet who disagree with you and if they do- you can have a respectful conversation with them or if it’s very negative- ignore and delete!
  • If you have the courage to share what you believe in you may just make a connection with someone who needs to hear exactly what you are sharing

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  1. LaRue

    Exactly what I needed to hear- it’s about “the why” I’m doing what I’m doing! Thanks Keri!

  2. Carol

    Keri, Every video you create seems to talk directly to my thoughts! It’s a topic that has always been one that sneaks up on my shoulder lol I am still building my tortoise skin 😆
    Your Dr. Seuss and Brene Brown references are absolutely perfect! How do you decide on your topics and content? Team meeting brainstorms?
    Your wisdoms are so appreciated!

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