The Benefit Of Choosing A Target Market: How To Find Your Ideal Customer

As people continue to adapt to the rapidly changing world, we have seen an influx of new businesses sprouting up online. And it’s a great thing. However, the online business landscape is an increasingly congested space. So, with new businesses popping up every day, how do you stand out? 

You find your niche. 

The idea is to get yourself known for one specific thing and run with it, because here’s the fact of the matter: 

a confused mind will never buy

If someone goes to your website or listens to your videos and is the slightest bit uncertain about the results you can provide for them, they’re going to go elsewhere.

Think about Proactive acne treatment for a minute. Proactive took off because they focused on one thing. They had a solution for getting rid of acne, and that’s it. They weren’t trying to help with anti-aging, moisturizing, skin pigment conditions, etc. They targeted their niche and left the rest of the skincare market to other brands. And they became a billion-dollar business almost overnight. 

When I started Inspired Living, I did everything from health and fitness, to relationships and finances. But I’ll never forget the day that I found my niche. I was sitting at my computer watching a video by a very well-known figure in the coaching industry. And although this person is highly talented, the video struck me as inauthentic. And I thought to myself, I can help. I have a background in teaching people how to be on camera, as well as a background as an entrepreneur.

I’m telling you, the minute I stopped trying to be everything, and instead became a specialized expert, my business grew. And even though we do a lot more as a company than just help people become amazing on camera, that is the door through which people enter.

So, what door are you opening for people to enter your business?

You might worry that specializing in one thing will keep you from reaching more people. But the truth is it’s the exact opposite. When you are able to narrow your focus and speak to a very specialized group of people, they do the work for you. You don’t need to reach millions of people to make a huge impact if you have a small group of people raving about you and telling others “go work with her, go work with him!” 

If you want your business to grow, I want you to dig deeper into what you do. I want you to find your specific doorway.

Why do we sometimes have trouble finding our niche? Because we forget to look within ourselves. We are often so focused on our goals and our future and our day to day tasks, that we can forget to recognize the unique talents and gifts we have to offer. 



Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What experiences in my life give me a unique voice in my industry?
  • What do my credentials say about my brand/business?
  • Who is my ideal client?
  • What are the issues and challenges faced by my ideal client?
  • What does my ideal client want out of life and why aren’t they getting it?

Answering these questions can help give you clarity about those aspects of yourself that lend weight and authority to your unique message and give you a better idea of exactly who it is you are trying to reach. 

Now, it might take a little bit of time to your zero in on your target. If you find that your business isn’t growing, you might need to make little tweaks here and there. Maybe your message is still too broad, maybe you haven’t done enough to position yourself as an authority. Just keep working at it, because once you find that niche it’ll be so worth it.

That is your tip for today: specialize, dig deeper in your business, find your smallest viable Market. Identify that ideal client, and find that one thing you can get known for—the number one problem you are able to solve—and dial it in. Create your content around that one thing and you will watch your business grow overnight. And I cannot wait to see it!

As always remember to…Dream it. Live it. BE it! ®

Stay inspired,



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