Business in the New Normal and How to Move Forward

This video was recorded before the tragic events of the past week. Our heartfelt reminder, Inspired Living stands for equality, inclusiveness, and love. Our work is always focused on helping everyone get their message out into the world.

In these overwhelming and even scary times, we find ourselves grasping for normality… but there is no normal. Knowing and understanding this is our light because we get to recreate our “new” normal. We get to push the reset button. 

Ask yourself, “Am I really doing what I need to be doing?” 

Use this time to really reflect, grow, and pivot. Take a deep breath and figure out what is the new normal for YOU! Because when the world gets crazy, your voice needs to be even louder. 

Want to make sure your voice is heard? Here are some key take-a-ways you don’t want to miss! 

  • Get tips on how to shift from being a generalist to specialist
  • Learn to understand the psychographics when it comes to your viewers
  • Master how you are going to show up
  • Realize connection is key
  • Learn to meet people where they’re at

Marketing is the oxygen to your business. Did you read that? Let’s go over that again. Marketing is the oxygen to your business…so you must keep pushing through

It’s all too easy to be overwhelmed and want to wait out this storm we’re all in until it passes. Reality check! Things aren’t going to change for a long time. But, here is my key to success: 

Businesses that can make it through any sort of recession, are the ones that kept marketing. 

Right now, more people are online than ever before. Attendees are showing up to virtual events more than they did for in-person events. So this is your opportunity—stop trying

to be all things to all people and become that go-to person. Your ideal client is online looking for you right now…how are you showing up for them? I’d love to hear from you, share how you plan on shifting from generalist to specialist in the comments below. 

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As always remember to…Dream it. Live it. BE it! ®

Stay inspired,



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