From No Savings to Tech Millionaire with Myoshia Boykin-Anderson


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You can create anything you desire. Do you believe that? If you feel resistant to that belief, listen here today to my inspiring interview with Myoshia Boykin-Anderson. She went from nowhere to tech millionaire, growing up in Houston with a mother who was a drug addict and trying to find herself as a single parent. She started a business out of pure determination when she found out her “forever job” was ending. Myoshia is the founder and CEO of Andtech Solutions, one of the country’s leading IT consulting companies.

Today she shares with us her journey, including the decisions she’s had to make along the way, her faith, and how she believes that God has a greater vision for our lives. Get ready to believe bigger, dream bigger, and step into new possibilities with this inspiring interview.

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In This Episode You’ll Also Learn:

  • [03:41] Before Myoshia was a tech millionaire – she is sharing with us her upbringing and how she got started in the business.
  • [07:39] Changing the stereotype that tech is not for women.
  • [12:30] Why Myoshia celebrates Friday the 13th.
  • [22:41] Getting into the nitty-gritty – what Myoshia does and how she helps businesses.
  • [29:24] Lessons that Myoshia learned along the way have been instrumental to her growth.
  • [35:18] Myoshia’s passion – mentoring and helping other women in business.
  • [39:11] How to connect with Myoshia.
  • [40:36] What does inspired living mean to Myoshia?
Watch the Full Episode Here:

Here are a few of my favorite takeaways:

  • The failures in our lives are like breadcrumbs, leading us along in our life’s journeys to bigger and better opportunities.
  • Breaking away from the stereotype that technology isn’t for women, mentoring and coaching women entrepreneurs interested in tech to help them achieve their dreams.
  • Never give up on your goals – even when all you’re hearing is “no” from potential clients. Myoshia started her company with five words “as a matter of fact”, she didn’t need a firm “yes” to start pursuing her business.
  • As women entrepreneurs, knowing that we are worthy and deserve to be in the spaces that we’re in while also learning to love ourselves and see ourselves the way God sees us.

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