How To Create And Manifest What You Desire With Christy Whitman

Our beloved guest today is Christy Whitman …a celebrated transformational expert, celebrity coach, authority on the Law of Attraction, and a New York Times bestselling author. Christy is set to release her latest book, The Desire Factor, this year. This 2021, claim the life that you desire for yourself. She affirms that when you get excited about a desire, the first step to reaching it is actually already revealed to you. When you follow the first step, the next step is revealed…and so on and so on until your desire is fulfilled.

Sounds simple enough, right? In practice, it can be difficult to achieve what we want because we tend to talk ourselves out of going for it. For example, have you told yourself, “that’s impossible,” or “I don’t know how to do that,” effectively preventing yourself from taking any action at all to manifest your desires? I’ve been there. Christy has been there. It’s totally human. But, we can act as if we’ve already reached those desires. When we do…it starts us on a beautiful path toward manifesting the things we want most. 

Look toward the Light to Shift Your Energy

As a young adult, Christy seemed to have it all: career accolades, money in the bank, the ideal body, and she was engaged to be married. But, she had a secret—Christy was completely miserable. 

Christy decided it was time to make a change. She broke off her engagement, moved to California, and learned how to meditate. Her life had literally been turned upside down, but she held out hope that learning to meditate and control her thoughts would turn her right side up and change her life for the better. And it totally did!

Through her study and practice of meditation, Christy soon realized just how much thoughts matter. Because thoughts become words, and words become actions. Actions and decisions have the power to dramatically affect the trajectory of your life, which is why changing your thinking patterns is the first step to shift your energy to manifest your desires.

Once Christy started listening to her thoughts, she soon realized that despite the positivity that she communicated on the outside, inside she was still full of judgment, anger, fear, and criticism. How could this be? Was this why she was so unhappy? Christy learned to control her thoughts and it completely changed her energy field. She began channeling her energy to create positivity all around her, write books, and share her talents with the world.

Christy began to look at challenging circumstances in a different light. Instead of complaining, comparing, or coming from a place of lacking, Christy looked for the gift in EVERY situation. She came to realize that when you look for the light, you gain a renewed sense of clarity, which has the power to help you feel happier, more connected, and full of potential and abundance.

By acting as a receiver, container, and transmitter of positive energy, Christy learned to focus on manifesting her desires—which leads to appreciation, gratitude, and solutions.

Listen to Christy’s interview to learn more about how to fulfill your desires using The Law of Attraction.

Here’s an exercise to help you create your own reality

3:52—You create your own reality. Here’s an exercise. Simply pay attention to your thoughts for a week. What do you discover about yourself? Christy did this when she came to California and although she knew she could change her mind, she didn’t realize she actually had control of her thoughts. I believe that it’s important to track our thoughts and take responsibility for what we think and the emotions our thoughts evoke, as we move into this new year of possibility. There’s enough for all of us. There’s a seat at the table for everyone. So let’s shine together and be inspired to work cooperatively and collaboratively. 

Five common obstacles that get in the way of manifesting what you want

11:11—Five common obstacles get in the way of manifesting what we want. They are: THOUGHTS, PERSPECTIVES, EMOTIONS, WORDS, and ACTIONS. The words we use literally have the power to pull our energy down. Even saying the phrase, “I can’t wait,” as in, “I can’t wait for restaurants to re-open,” although subtle, comes from a place of lack. Instead try saying, “I so look forward to when restaurants re-open!”

Find the gift in a difficult situation

30:09—Can you find the gift in a difficult situation? By searching for the light, everything comes into focus helping you find clarity, abundance, and solutions. Everything is energy—energy carries a vibration and those vibrations go out into the universe bringing back abundance. After all, we are energy receivers, containers, and transmitters. Christy encourages introspection and taking responsibility for processing our emotions as they arise.

What you need to know about emotions

36:44—It only takes 90 seconds to process an emotion, but a lifetime to carry all of the emotions we don’t process. When you close down your heart, you close down your energy field. That’s important because energy can’t be created or destroyed. It creates a spiral and vortex, and has its own vibration and pulsation. When you open your heart and send waves of compassion and light through yourself and to those who wrong you, you lift the energy and the higher energy always wins!

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