How to Build a Brilliant Business and Brand

In this week’s ILTV episode you will hear the closing message I created for the women who attended, followed by the 3 most important things you must be doing in your business in order to grow and scale your business right now. 

What I really want is for you to have a new sense of opportunity, a new sense of being and wonder of what can happen in your life.

We have to stop putting our dreams on hold. This isn’t going to change. This is our new normal, whatever that means. And we are left with the choice, to rise up or fall down. 

At Inspired Living hand and hand, heart and heart, we will rise up together. 

It’s going to take us as a collective community of Female Bad Asses that are going to change the dynamic of the world. 

 The world is reaching out and she is saying, “I need something different.” We as women business owners, as visionaries, we need to do something different. We cannot continue to sit back and let things happen. We have to take inspired action not only for our business, but also for our families and our communities. 

That is why I love hosting the Brilliant event so much!  All of the speakers show up with the same mission: to help you grow, to help you succeed, to help you attain wealth so you can stop worrying about money, and so you can help pave the way for the more brilliant women in business. 

As women leaders we need to be able to sit at the boardroom tables, to write checks and to put our money where your passion is. This is why I’m so passionate about helping you understand how to scale and grow your business especially during these times where you can either RISE UP or FALL DOWN. 

Here are the 3 most important things you must be doing in your business in order to grow and scale your business right now.

  1.   You have to be using VIDEO

Yes, I talk a lot about video. I’ve talked about video for 10 years prior to the pandemic, but let me tell you…now you have to be using video. It is the ONLY way you’re going to grow and scale your business right now. 

  1.   Break through your fear

My good friend and spiritual mentor opened up the Brilliant event to help set the intention for all of the women who attended. She left them with this mantra, “I give myself permission to receive.”  You’ll be amazed how quickly fear can stop you from

receiving what it is that you truly want. For example: If your conscious mind has a sincere desire to expand your business, to be of service, and to offer your gifts to the world, but you have a subconscious belief that it’s not possible, that fear can and most likely will take the lead.

  1.   Build a Brilliant Brand 

Every single one of our speakers has created a brilliant business & brand and shared it all with the women who attended Brilliant. 

Here are a few of my take-aways from Brilliant Speaker, Katrina Scott, co-founder of one of the most successful fitness empires in the world, Tone It Up.

How to build a brand brand with staying power:

  •     Focus on serving your community with what it is that they want and need. 
  •     Be authentic and share some of yourself and life with their community. 
  •     You have to LOVE what it is that you’re doing because the sacrifice that comes  with building your business and brand, but the reward will be amazing. 

I wondered if we could pull off our annual Brilliant event VIRTUALLY?!! I struggled since the event in person is magical…intimate, high-end, and spiritually aligned. But, it was ALL that, it was Brilliant. 

The world is full of SO much opportunity. Please don’t wait for someone to give you the stage or microphone! You can create an exceptional experience for your community and when you do, you will be rewarded 100 times over. 

In the words of Katrina Scott, “When you’re afraid, just say yes!”

What dream within you needs to come true right now?

P.S. We launched the Inspired Living Podcast! Each week, I will share insider secrets and success stories behind some of the most influential people and brands. This week is a must listen, as Tone It Up co-founder Katrina Scott shares How to Build Your Big Vision and Create a Business Empire. 



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