We all want to make a significant difference through our work and through our message. However, taking the risk to step into that big vision can be scary and overwhelming, and bravely bringing your message to the next level can get your inner voices riled up. We’ve got your back!

Welcome to Inspired Living with Keri Murphy, a highly sought-after media expert and entrepreneur mentor. Each week, Keri she shares insider secrets and success stories behind some of the most influential people and brands. Don’t miss each episode as she pulls back the curtain and helps you discover your “IT” Factor and what it takes to become a “celebrity” expert in your industry both on camera and off.

Stop hiding your brilliance and become an icon in the industry with Keri Murphy’s guidance. The CEO and founder of Inspired Living, Keri is committed to empowering people all over the world to “Dream it. Live it. BE it!” An international speaker, media expert, and business mentor, she honed her expertise in the entrepreneurial field for over 20 years, helping others to create and succeed at a business they love.

Episode Blogs

The culture around dating has changed so much since the beginning of the pandemic. And somewhere between the zoom dates and reevaluating our entire lives, April Beyer saw a huge gap in the dating market and decided to make an algorithm that will help women and men find their perfect match based on the values they share. Tune in to today’s episode to learn how April built her business from scratch, what were her biggest
Social media can feel like a crazy place to be, but my lovely friend and Social Media Expert, Kim Garst is here with me today to share her heart and brilliance. Recently named as one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers of 2020, Kim and I sat down to talk about all things social media, Boy did she have some interesting things to say!  Kim has been in business online for nearly 30
As an entrepreneur, what do you do when everything is working—yet inside you’re craving something different, or even something more? This week I sat down with my friend, mentor, and 7- and 8-figure women entrepreneur’s coach, Ali Brown. Ali is the Founder + CEO of the women’s business empowerment company We Lead. Ali joins the show to speak about why she had to let go of something really successful in order to step into something
If they don’t call you crazy… are you even doing it right? This week, in honor of the Inspired Living Podcast Anniversary, I thought I would showcase one of my favorite past episodes with one of the most inspiring, honest, and influential women I know, Katrina Scott.  You may know her from being the co-owner of the multi-million dollar company Tone It Up.. or was it Forbes…perhaps from Business Insider, Vogue, Bravo, Women’s Health, or
We have all been there. We look at our friends, neighbors, competitors, people we don’t even know, and we compare ourselves to completely separate beings that have nothing to do with our journey, our goals and our outcomes.  “The moment you looked at their lane, you got out of your lane,” said the amazing, beautiful, and inspiring Lisa Nichols on this week’s podcast.  I swear, almost every amazing quote I see online is by Lisa
Have you ever heard the saying, “Energy goes where intention flows.” A few years ago, before Inspired Living became what it is today, I met with an intuitive advisor that taught me about the power of intention. Intention is where you focus your thoughts and energy. If you wake up everyday and the first thing you  say to yourself, “Oh my gosh, how am I going to pay for that, should I spend money on

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