Gorjana Riedel’s Secret to Multi-Million Dollar Success

Social media makes starting a business look easy. Social media says if your idea isn’t wildly successful overnight, then something is wrong. You missed the mark. Your plan failed. Not true! We must go back to remembering that we start out small, and then we scale and grow.

In this ILTV episode, you’re going to meet someone who now runs a thriving business but who never had strategy set in stone on how to get there. Her name is Gorjana Riedel. Gorjana owns gorjana jewelry, a classic and timeless Californian jewelry line.I have so much gorjana jewelry! I love her brand and the story she shares in this interview.  

When she and her husband Jason started the line, she says, “It was really a means of survival. We were determined to make it work and survive. I mean, we didn’t have car insurance! We sold a little jewelry to get us through. Neither of us thought this would be what it is.” 

Today, you can find gorjana jewelry in over a 1000 retailers nationwide, not including the brand’s own 15 retail locations. 


Did you catch her #1 secret to multimillion-dollar success? She’s adaptable, letting the business grow on its own without a premade plan. You can put so much pressure on yourself to do everything perfectly from the beginning, when it may be better to let your business evolve organically. If you’re constantly trying to force an outcome, it’s time to go through a different door


People ask Gorjana to identify the moment she felt like she had succeeded. Do you know what her answer is? She says, “I still don’t feel like I’ve succeeded.” What?! But let’s remember Gorjana’s mindset from the beginning. She never had a 5-step plan to reach 1000 retailers with her product. She never had a dream of opening her own stores. I would say she never had that moment of success because she never felt like she failed. She lives authentically in the moment, and her business does as well. 


I admire that Gorjana truly loves what she does. If you don’t find meaning in your work, you’ll find it hard to push through on the tough days. I know a lot of us are experiencing those right now. You might be dreaming of your future thriving business, but perhaps you’re wondering, “What do I do next, right now? How do I pivot my business for future success?” And, that million-dollar question, “How do I scale and grow to create that 7- and 8-figure brand I see for myself?”   


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