How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy That Converts

Video is the number one way to show up powerfully in your business because you have such a captive audience looking for you. 

In this ILTV episode, I’m going to share with you the “3 C’s” that will explain why video is so important, along with how to use them to create a video marketing strategy that actually embraces imperfection while increasing sales. Woo-hoo! 🙂

Video Marketing Tip #1 - Connection

Video is all about emotional connection. This one tip alone will help break through the fear of not knowing what to say or the need to be perfect. That fear might be what’s keeping you from showing up brilliantly in your business and online. In video you must be willing to connect with your audience by showing the real you, mistakes and all. I can’t tell you how many business opportunities opened up for me from my blooper reel. Fast-forward to 3:54 to see my bloopers. 

Video Marketing Tip #2 - Credibility

Establishing credibility is VITAL because it’s what people look for before buying from you. The more you’re online, the more people see you, the more credible you become. It really is that simple. When you create that emotional bond with your audience by consistently connecting with them and giving them great content, suddenly you become recognized as the go-to expert in your industry.

Video Marketing Tip #3 - Consistency

Credibility comes with consistency. Consistency is the fairy dust that leads to success in any marketing strategy. You can’t create one video and expect people to remember who you are and what you do. If you stay consistent. If you are clear with your message and you have a strategy that allows people to emotionally connect with you, then you will experience conversion that leads to growth. 

Video content is a fantastic way to increase online conversion because it helps keep people engaged, and eventually they move from stalker, to follower, to fan, to buyer. The video marketing strategy I outlined above—starting with emotional connection,  establishing credibility, and being consistent—will lead to new and existing customer conversions. 

There are many ways to use video in your business to increase conversions— embedding a video to your blog like I did here is one great way. Another is to add a video on the homepage of your website such as {here} .

Regardless of your industry, there is a way for you to leverage and monetize what it is that you specialize in. If you want to learn more about how to do that, then I highly recommend you join our Private Facebook Group {IGNITE YOUR IT FACTOR}. This group is an incredible community that will cheer you on as you seek to reach new goals. The team and I are LIVE weekly, and it’s a safe place to post videos and get feedback. Plus, you’ll receive insider access to upcoming events, product launches, and much more. 

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Do you have any fears around video that are stopping you from using it in your business? 

What is the #1 thing that is keeping you from implementing the 3 C’s in your business?

(e.g., fear, strategy, or message)


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