The Key Components of Building an Inspiring Brand

What is a brand? 

It’s not a logo, color scheme, or font. It is a feeling. A brand is the overall image and personality of your products and services, as well as an expression of the passion that drives your business. It’s what I feel with every experience I have with your brand. 

At Inspired Living, when we help you build your brand, we want to build a brand that feeds you. What I mean by this is that, I want your brand to technically feed you by bringing in money so you can provide for yourself. But most importantly, I want you to have a brand that feeds your soul. 

So how do we build a great brand?

A great brand makes an impression at every touchpoint.  But the foundation to create a good impression always starts with a few key components.  In this video I shared the key components of all successful brands. As I mentioned, the Key Component below is important, but secondary.

Key Component: Building Logos, Color Schemes & Fonts

This is the fun part of your branding process, which is why most people start here. But, while it’s certainly an important part of your overall brand, it should be secondary to your brand promise. If you are focused on building a brand that feeds your soul, make sure you complete the first exercise I teach in this episode to help you figure out your brand promise. 

A really great exercise we have our clients do once they’ve created their brand promise is to teach them how to build a brand board in pinterest. Start pulling images, fonts, and colors that you feel represent you and the personality of your brand. Be sure to keep your brand promise in mind while you do this, so you can avoid being distracted by visuals that stray from the essence of your brand. Some people hire this part out, but I recommend you do it so you can feel more connected to your brand. 

Bonus Key Component: Be Consistent 

It’s so important to be consistent with your brand because if you’re not you will lose credibility. Think about brands that you know such as: 

  • Nike
  • Nordstrom
  • Spanx 

What do they all have in common? (Well, besides these all being brands that I love) 

They all have a promise that makes you feel something at every touchpoint. These brands have unique personalities that have become familiar to us. And no matter how many times they change up their marketing campaigns, they never stray from that core promise we have come to expect. That is brand consistency.

I would love to hear from you, Do you feel like you have a solid brand promise? When did you start building your brand? 

As always, remember to…Dream it. Live it. BE it! ®

Stay inspired,


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