NEW SPOTLIGHT: The Perfection Detox with Petra Kolber

Every person I meet, deep down, has this inner critic that tells them, “You have to be perfect!”  I call this “perfectionism poison,” and my guest today is Petra Kolber, an award-winning author, an incredible speaker, and an aspiring DJ. I love Petra’s energy and zest for life! Petra is on a mission to break us out of the perfectionist mindset. She knows that doing so will help us thrive, show up confidently, and live the life that we truly imagine for ourselves. 

Petra’s new book, The Perfection Detox: Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely, and Unleash Your Joy, comes from her own hard-won experiences as an internationally renowned fitness expert and wellness leader. In her 25 years in the fitness world she starred in and choreographed sixty award winning videos and fitness programs, and she has spoken live to thousands of motivated followers!

Yet, Petra calls herself a Recovering Perfectionist. Someone told her as a child that she wasn’t smart enough, and that became her Achilles’ heel. At every stage of her career, she felt the pressure to become perfect at that next level.

In our conversation, Petra talks about the time in her life when she lived most fearlessly. I think you’ll be as surprised as she was by what freed her from her impossible standards. Some of her suggestions include:

    How to immediately STOP the negative thought spiral

    Healthy tips for avoiding Comparison Analysis on social media

    Why what you don’t own begins to own you

In the video, you can learn how to start being your perfectly imperfect self today. And, if you’re like me and want more of Petra’s wisdom, pick up The Perfection Detox today at It’s available everywhere books are sold (and there’s an audio option for those who prefer to listen).

I guarantee you, someone in your life needs to hear about The Perfection Detox, so be sure to share this video! The more we can grasp that imperfection is what makes us perfectly imperfect, the more we can show up confident in who we are and what we do.

And remember to…

Dream it. Live it. BE it.

Keri Murphy of Inspired Living


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