How to Increase Engagement on Your Videos

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First of all, congratulations for starting to use video more regularly, and for understanding the power that video has on your growing business!  So now that you have implemented videos into your regularly scheduled outreach, now it’s time to tackle the next hurdle – how to get more engagement around your videos!

I know, I know, easier said than done, Keri!  But please do not worry, my friends, I’ve got you covered!

The first step in increasing your video engagement is to focus on how you are starting your videos.

The key is to engage your audience right off the bat. You only have 3-8 seconds in which to do so. So the secret to engaging your audience that quickly?  Make the intro about THEM! As much as we love to talk about ourselves, our audience does not care about US, until we show them that we care about THEM!

If you target your audience in those first seconds of your videos, and make your audience FEEL something, you will have them hooked.  Once they know that you care about them, the rest is easy. You can continue the rest of your video with speaking more directly about yourself, and your product or service, and your audience will stay tuned in, because you won them over in your intro.  If you are having a hard time thinking of how to make the intro about your audience, and not yourself, ask yourself “what is the why?” What is the challenge that they are having that you have the solution for? Once you have identified this, your intro will come naturally!  

After your strong intro, there is one other thing that you can do to increase your video engagement, and that is by ending your video with a “Call To Action”.  

Frequently referred to as CTAs, a call to action at the end of your video, gives your audience a very clear, concise action to take right away. Some options for CTAs include, visiting a specific page on your website, commenting on your video, sharing your video, joining your community, subscribing to your email list, or sending you a message.  Whatever your CTA is, say it with confidence. If you demand their attention in that moment, they are guaranteed to take action. Because let’s face it, videos are a blast to make, but our real goal in implementing videos in our business is to increase our reach, impact, and bottom line.

Do these two things on a regular basis, and I promise your engagement with increase!

Now it is your turn to put these tips into action! Please share one CTA that you can start adding into your videos and I’ll give you my personal feedback.

I’d so appreciate it if you’d take a moment to share this video because when you are inspired, you inspire others.

Thank you for tuning in!

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