How to Choose the Right Coach for You

I could not be more thrilled to share with you today’s topic; How to Choose the Right Coach for You. As a serial entrepreneur, I didn’t realize the importance of having a coach until I lost one of my businesses back in 2009. Oh, that was such a painful experience and sadly, most new businesses fail within the first 5 years.

Looking back there was so much I didn’t know and so much I could have gained from hiring the right coach. Now, as someone coaches others on how to building an influential brand, I would never NOT have a coach. Les Brown has one of my favorite quotes, “You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.” Too many of us never even see what’s possible outside of the picture we see everyday. Of course, there’s a lot of coaches “selling the map”…so finding the right fit in a coach is incredibly important. That’s why in this episode I’m going to give you my tips on how to find the perfect coach for you.

My first tip is to look at the person behind the glossy image. When it comes to social media, we can put out any image that we want. Sometimes good photos and marketing can make someone “appear” to be a good coach, however nice aesthetics and marketing are NOT what make a good coach. It’s important to dig a bit deeper to see if someone is posturing or positioning.

Someone who is “posturing” is looking to make themselves something they aren’t quite yet. They’re selling a destination were they’ve never been. It’s important to take some time to dig a bit deeper and look with a discerning eye to see if they really are who they say they are.

The second tip, is to see if they are selling the map. Now what does that mean?! Currently we are hearing some hot topics like “how to sell online”, “how to make six figures in one launch”, “how to create a seven-figure business”, as well as many others. These all sound amazing right?! But the problem is, there are a lot of people out there using these “hot buttons” or keywords but they’ve never done it themselves. The problem with learning from someone who has never done what they are teaching themselves, is that you hit a point in the journey where you reach an obstacle. When you do, because they have not personally dealt with this issue, or experienced this for themselves, they will not know how to navigate you through or around this obstacle. A good coach, is also great at navigating you through tough times and obstacles. So PLEASE do your research to see if your coach has accomplished what they are selling.

As you grow as an entrepreneur it’s so important to invest in yourself and your business. I cannot recommend having a coach enough. Even when I was just starting, and was not sure if I could afford having a coach, I still did it and it CHANGED EVERYTHING!

Where money flows, energy goes. Hiring a coach early on in your business can be the best decision you’ve ever made. As you grow with your business, the amount you spend in coaching will grow as well!

The next thing to look at, is are they proven? Check out the testimonials and feel comfortable reaching out to their current clients about the results that they have gotten. Don’t be afraid to ask for results!

If you have been in my community for any amount of time, you know that the “P” in perfection stands for poison. When looking at coaches, look to see if they are showing up “perfect”. If someone is only acknowledging the positive and “perfect” life, they might not be the best choice. A good coach isn’t afraid to talk about what isn’t working, or admitting when they are having a bad day. Learning from other people’s mistakes is a valuable learning tool and the right coach will help you by sharing their experiences, both the positive and the negative.

In the comment section below, please share with us what your experience with coaching is. If you are currently looking for a coach, please let us know in the comment section as well. The team here at Inspired Living would love to help you find the perfect coach for you. 🙂 We have an incredible team of rockstar coaches that can provide support around systems, automation, lead generation, video marketing, sales, branding and much more. I personally was tired of looking for all the support I needed to grow my successful business so now, I bring my incredible team to you.

Are you ready?

Until next time…Dream it. Live it. BE it!


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