Top 5 Places to Showcase Video on Your Site

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to stand out among all the online noise, you know that you need video on your website. But I often get asked…where do you put it? How often should I post and what’s the best way to use video?

Many of my clients come to us as they are building their brand and they don’t realize the importance of using video consistently. There is no better way to connect with someone online. As you start your 2018 planning, I want remind you of the importance of using video and how it can propel your business to the next level!

I always say, your website is your home online. This is where people find you and how they get to know you.

How do you captivate your ideal client, get them to dig a little deeper, and ultimately decide to work with you?

In this video, I’m going to share with you the five places you want to showcase video on your website so you can convert more leads, build your list and community and position yourself as the leader you are.

The first, and MOST IMPORTANT place you want to feature video on your website is an easy guess… the homepage! When people come to my two day “IT” Factor on-camera training we really work with them on their key, core message. What can you say in about 90 seconds that will get someone to say “I want more!”? Why they are there, why you, the results you will get someone and the next step they need to take to learn more. This is not the place to sell, this is the place for you to welcome them to your home. By including your Positioning video on your homepage, statistics show that you will immediately have a 67% higher conversion rate on your website!

The second most visited place on your website is the “About Me” tab. Therefore, this is my second choice for a location to feature a video on your website! Instead of writing a novel on this page, create a short video that tells a little about yourself, your story, why you do what you do, and most importantly, how you serve people. The “About Me” page isn’t really about you- it’s a peek inside your story that tells them why you’re the one to help them.
Another ideal location to feature a video on your website is on an opt in page. This featured location will increase sales and opt ins. Long sales copy is a bit antiquated these days, but including a video alongside it will blow it out of the water every time! In fact, Inc. Magazine stated that people are 67% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video!! If you’re not using video here you’re really missing out.

The next location I am going to mention is a little less obvious, but oh so important! When people come to your website, they are going to start fishing around for more of the information, as well as content that you share and teach. A blog is the perfect place for you to feature this content, and adding videos alongside your copy is going to enhance your audience’s experience ten fold.

A video allows someone to connect with you in ways that copy can’t.

You can’t fake it on camera, you have to be authentic. On your blog, it is a chance for your audience to get to know you. This is where you create your community.

Lastly, my 5th recommendation for places to include a video on your website, is the “Thank You” page. Someone just said YES! to you, how exciting! It’s so wonderful that after you meet someone, after they say “yes” to an offer, you thank them and tell them what to do next.

These are my recommendations for the top five places to include videos on your website. It’s really amazing to see the increase in conversions, the deeper, more authentic relationships you’ll make and the result of more people who are dying to work with you!

No more waiting..the time is now! If you need that extra little push, sign up for my two day on-camera training. There’s nothing like it and it will give you the confidence and messaging that you’ll need to authentically connect with your ideal client online. (Click here)

You can move past the fear of creating your first video, and you can then step into your power with clarity and confidence to start creating videos for all areas of your business!

I would love to hear from you…are you currently using video? If so, post a link to one of your videos below (preferably on your website) I would love to take a peek and give you some tips.

Always remember, when you are inspired, you inspire others. So if you’re nervous about posting that video, do it anyway! You then give permission for others to do the same.

I can’t wait to look at your video and read your comments.

As always, remember to Dream it. Live it. Be IT!


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