The Five Videos ESSENTIAL to Your Video Marketing Strategy

Do you know the five types of videos?


Yes, there really are five! And this week on ILTV, I covered all of them. 


Each type of video has an important place in your video marketing strategy.


In the Inspired Living community, we teach the five essential videos. Don’t worry if it all feels overwhelming right now, I explained exactly what you need to know in this week’s episode


In This Episode

[00:56] Video #1: Positioning

[01:42] Video #2: Personality

[02:04] Video #3: Product

[02:32] Video #4: Promotional

[02:44] 79% of people have made a purchasing decision after watching a video

[03:14] Video #5: Proof



Key Takeaways

  • There are five essential videos for growing your business

  • Utilizing these videos leads to more engagement and more sales

  • The five types of videos are: Positioning, Personality, Product, Promotional, and Proof

  • Positioning videos go on the home page of your website

  • Personality videos are a look behind-the-scenes

  • Product videos are two-pronged with consistent, free educational content and less frequent paid educational content

  • Promotional videos make people aware of your products so they can buy from you

  • Proof videos are where someone else is talking about how great your product is

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