The Best CTAs to increase your engagement and conversion online

How strong are your Calls-to-Action? Are you using them every time you film? Not using a CTA is one of the biggest mistakes you could make in business. And I see it ALL the time! No one wants to break the connection with their audience by putting on their Sales Cap… but can I tell you a secret? Giving your audience a next step is just extending an invitation.  Your video is only step one for your audience, but if you don’t give them step two, they can’t continue to build their relationship with you.  Remember, you aren’t selling, you’re providing an opportunity ❤️

In This Episode

[01:10] Average conversion rate is 3%

[01:30] If you don’t ask people to do the next step… they won’t 

[01:36] Some CTA examples that you can use in your own content

[02:15] CTA’s for converting to sales

[02:40] You’re not selling, you’re extending an invitation


Key Takeaways


  • Every video you film should include a CTA

  • Most people don’t do anything after watching your content

  • Calls-to-Action don’t have to feel like a sales pitch, you’re just providing an opportunity for your audience

  • Even if your CTA feels basic, the truth is that people want to interact with you


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