How to Plan Events in 2023: Tips for In-Person, Virtual & Hybrid Events

It used to be simple: if you hosted an event, it would be in-person. But Covid changed things. Now people are hosting virtual and even hybrid events! As someone who built her business around in-person events, I’ll be the first to admit that I was… hesitant to make the switch. But something surprising happened. Doubling down on this new virtual landscape made Inspired Living more profitable. This week on ILTV, I covered everything you should think about when planning an event.

In This Episode

[00:28] The experience can dictate whether an event should be virtual or in-person

[01:05] Virtual events can be just as expensive as in-person events

[01:27] What support do you have to put on the event?

[01:39] An event planner is worth it every time

[02:17] How Inspired Living made the switch to virtual events during Covid

[02:45] What are hybrid events?

[03:47] The team requirements that hybrid events demand


Key Takeaways

  • What kind of experience do you want attendees to have

  • You need a clear budget

  • A strong team to support you is vital

  • Hosting an event requires strategy

  • Hybrid events require double the team


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