What To Do When You’re Uninspired!

Feeling down and uninspired is a normal way to feel throughout the flow of our lives, especially for entrepreneurs. When you are feeling uninspired and down in the dumps, just remember that you are not alone. We all have down days. The important thing is to know how to bring back the inspiration! On today’s episode of Inspired Living, Keri shares different techniques that she uses to find inspiration and keep moving forward when she is feeling uninspired.

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  • [00:18] We all have down days. 
  • [01:15] Take the time to breathe and achieve a new level of consciousness. 
  • [01:49] Shift from a place of overwhelm or sadness into a place of gratitude. 
  • [02:30] Sharing your experiences in an honest and raw way can create transparency and community with your audience. 
  • [03:30] Using challenging experiences to grow and evolve. 
  • [03:45] Helping others can help you get out of a rut.


  • Shifting from a place of overwhelm or feeling uninspired into a place of gratitude can really help shift your perspective. 
  • Challenging times in our lives can become inspiration for us as they can help us learn and grow and get to the next place in life.
  • It’s okay and normal to feel uninspired, just don’t allow it to derail your progress for too long. 
  • Being transparent with your audience can help create community and inspiration from sharing your experiences.
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