Own Your Weird with Angie Lee


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Sometimes we can just take ourselves a little too seriously, me included! 


And I think that heaviness can hold you back. You may tell yourself you aren’t “ready” to take that next step. You aren’t “ready” for people to hear your message yet, because it isn’t perfect. 


Spoiler alert: it’s a lie. 


You are going to be waiting forever if you wait until you are “ready”. 


Let go a little!! Don’t overthink it. People just want to see the REAL authentic you. ✨

This week I sat down with the most authentic, amazing, multi-passionate, owning your weird expert Angie Lee! Let me tell you… this phenomenal woman is setting the standard in podcasting, social media, coaching and now helping people all over the world with her Soul CBD.

For more inspiration check out this week’s episode here.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.I can very much relate to Angie. She also dropped out of college to pursue her vision. She started her blog in a dorm room and a podcast in a closet. Now millions of downloads (+ an 8 figure wellness brand) later, she’s here to show other multi-passionate women how to do it all – just not all at once. 


I love her mantra… “Own your weird”. How often do we try to suppress the “weird” we own? The need to show up to please others takes over and then we resent having to show up at all. 


Angie shared some really personal stories and we had so much fun, in fact…she got me to say something that I have never said (nor would I ever think to say) in my 30 years on camera. Oh, the laughs. 😂. 


Make sure you join us in all our weird and fun!


Prefer to listen?! Don’t worry, the IL podcast is right here. 


  • [03:09] Angie talks about growing up as the weird kid and how it inspired her to be her authentic self
  • [10:01] How Angie deals with trolls and people thinking she isn’t “professional enough”
  • [14:06] Being open to sharing her struggles with anxiousness and ADHD
  • [17:00] How Angie built an audience by working on her podcast and connecting there first
  • [22:19] Niching down and still being multi-passionate
  • [29:05] Angie’s take on success now vs. a few years ago
  • [34:00] Angie’s passion for plant medicine in CBD and its benefits


  • Being authentic is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business- people will see and connect to the real you and never have to wonder if you’re being fake or just trying to make a sale.
  • Making a connection first and building an audience can help you create you following and have your ideal clients
  • Be yourself and own your ‘weird ideas’
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About Angie Lee:

Angie is a vivacious marketing maven who’s found her soul’s calling in helping others kick ass. She owns multiple businesses including one of her most recognized, Pays To Be Brave, the #1 business & confidence event for female entrepreneurs.

Angie Lee is a highly sought after marketing mentor, speaker, professional podcaster & serial entrepreneur. She is the Co Founder of Soul CBD, Creator of the top female entrepreneur event, Pays To Be Brave & Host of the Forbes Top 100 Podcast, The Angie Lee Show. Angie’s genius is helping her community grow & scale their online businesses with sales psychology, authentic messaging & organic marketing. Angie has a unique & refreshing ability to inspire her female community to overcome their business and life fears in a motivational, yet always approachable way.

Angie Lee is a heart based serial entrepreneur, Forbes top rated podcaster, vibrant speaker, Co Founder of Soul CBD & marketing ninja. Angie’s genius is helping women embrace fear, take messy action & increase their confidence and cashflow. Angie is the host of the top rated podcast, The Angie Lee Show & The Founder of Pays To Be Brave Summit.

Corporate + College dropout, $100k in debt, to 7 figure entrepreneur under 30, Angie’s passion runs deep for helping women unlock their full potential & finally create the income & life they desire.

Angie’s cracked the code for organic marketing by successfully producing multiple 6 & 7 figure product launches, with no paid advertising or complicated funnels. She now teaches her loyal community how to grow & scale their online business with stand out branding, authentic messaging & intuitive marketing.

Our blog features a series of interviews with some of the most visible and inspiring people world wide (ILTV) PLUS inspiration, business tips, and advice from Keri.