Embrace Your Feminine Energy with Sami Wunder


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In the past, ambitious women sometimes had to put love on the backburner to their careers. Sami Wunder joins host Keri Murphy to dispel the myth that women can’t have it all! Women can have love AND success. Sami Wunder is a leading international relationship and dating expert who specializes in working with ambitious, high-achieving women, helping them attract lasting, romantic love. Today she shares with Keri about her professional journey, and the approach she takes with clients to help them realize that powerful successful women don’t have to “dumb it down” when dating. Tune in to hear more from Keri and from Sami!

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  • [02:00] Sami describes the catalysts that brought her to become a love coach
  • [08:00] Describing the steps of the signature process: The “Sami Wunder Method”
  • [19:30] Why and how strong, successful women don’t have to dumb it down when dating
  • [27:30] Sami discusses having integrity as a coach – practicing what she preaches and taking responsibility for showing up in a way that can help people
  • [30:00] Navigating marriage dynamics when the female is the breadwinner
  • [36:00] Keri asks Sami to share how she was able to grow her company so quickly 


  • Let go of your limiting beliefs. You can have what you strive for, it doesn’t need to be a matter of being successful or finding love – you can have both.
  • Self-love first and foremost – know that you are worthy of great love in your life and don’t settle.
  • If you want to be a coach, practice integrity and what you preach responsibly showing up for clients in a way that is helpful.
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About Sami Wunder:

Sami Wunder is a leading international relationship and dating expert who specializes in working with ambitious, high-achieving women, helping them attract lasting romantic love.

As the CEO of a thriving 7-figure business, Sami currently serves a highly engaged, global clientele of over 80K followers across 55 countries. Her clients range from a Hollywood celebrity to UK TV stars to CEOs, bankers, lawyers, doctors, renowned authors, leading entrepreneurs, and more.

To date, Sami Wunder’s company has served over 10,000 clients and recorded over 250 client engagements and more than 300 committed relationships since 2016.

She’s a leading authority when it comes to dating and relationships and is a sought-after expert in the media, appearing regularly in the Business Insider, Forbes and Time magazines, Glamour, the Daily Mail, The Metro, Cosmopolitan, and many more.

She has also been invited often on BBC radio and Channel 5’s TV show, the Wright Stuff.

Sami has an inspiring story of career transition, from being a trained Economist working in the international development sector, to becoming a love coach.

She has a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Germany’s top university, is a gold medalist in Economics, and has received several accolades and scholarships from the US Department of State during her graduate career.

Her core work philosophy is empowering ambitious women in their love lives who are looking to attract their soulmate, teaching high-value dating behaviors, feminine energy, and the importance of dating with boundaries and an empowered diva mindset.

Her services include online courses, group coaching programs, highly exclusive 1-2-1 coaching programs, and luxury retreats. Sami is wife to Chris and mother to Aaron and Aditya, and lives in Germany.

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