It’s 2022 and We Are Just Getting Started…


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As we begin the new year, you may want to put your foot down on the gas pedal and just go- but don’t forget to reflect on the year you just had. Each chapter in our lives is important and will let you learn and appreciate the journey as you accomplish your next goals. In this episode of Inspired Living, Keri talks about how important it is for you to evaluate your past year, make new goals, and invest in yourself and team members to make your visions come to life.  

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  • [05:00] You shouldn’t do it all on your own- invest in a team and yourself
  • [09:00] Scaling your message to create greater impact and revenue
  • [14:00] The power of intention and manifesting your dreams


  • If you are feeling burnt out and pulled in a lot of directions- it’s time to hire a team to take some of that off of your plate so you can get back to growing. 
  • A new year can mean new opportunities- but don’t forget to reflect on your past year, learn from what happened and make new goals for yourself. 
  • There’s power in intention- write down your goals and dreams and set you mind to accomplish them.
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