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If the thought of being interviewed on the news terrifies you, this episode is a must listen. Kelley Day, my dear friend and head media coach for The Media, has joined me to discuss just how important broadcasting is for businesses.  The truth is, getting your business’s brand out there to be seen and heard by a viewing audience is a lot easier than you think.  Join us as Kelley and I discuss how the broadcasting industry has changed and how this benefits entrepreneurs just like you. Learn how to be seen, be known, and be paid for the incredible brilliance that you have. It’s time to go out and get it! 

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  • [3:33] Why news hooks are so important to have when pitching your business to a broadcaster 
  • [4:55] Kelley shares why there are so many more opportunities to schedule an interview today than ten years ago  
  • [12:30] How to break through imposter syndrome when you land your first interview 
  • [15:52] The components of a good news hook
  • [20:35] Who do you reach out to when you are ready to pitch to the media
  • [27.24] Keri shares tips to help business owners feel confident doing video interviews 
  • [27:56] HARO website: A resource to help you find out what stories reporters are looking for


  • Today, as an entrepreneur or business owner, if you offer yourself up to a reporter with a good news hook they bite hook, line, and sinker.  Today’s reporters don’t have the time to go around and search for really interesting stories.  
  • If you learn to connect the dots with what’s going on in the world using statistics, trends, and projections, you’ll have the life blood of a good news hook.  
  • You don’t have to wait to be discovered.  You get to choose to be discovered when you are ready, because there’s so much opportunity out there!
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About Kelley Day:

Kelley Day is Inspired Living’s amazing media coach. She was a top news anchor, reporter and producer, writing, voicing, presenting and crafting people’s stories and news copy for 23 years. Her dream was always to become a news anchor and work her way home to establish her career in Portland.

Kelley is now a media coach with Inspired Living helping businesses and individuals better present themselves in front of the camera – and teach them how to create dynamic media pitches, so they can use media coverage to increase their visibility, credibility and positioning in their industry.

*Need help with the media from Kelley Day?! Email us at [email protected] and put in the subject line “MEDIA”


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