How to Become Undaunted while Building a Massive Beverage Business with Kara Goldin


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Kara Goldin’s story begins as a high-powered tech executive in Silicon Valley, with a successful career and… a Diet Coke addiction. One day, Kara decided it was time to leave both those mainstays in the rearview mirror. She thought to herself, “Tech executive? That isn’t me.” 

She quit her job and swapped her Diet Coke addiction for water. She lost 24 pounds in two weeks, but one problem remained: water is boring! 

Add fruit to your water…A simple but brilliant idea. Kara strived to help other people in the same situation and needed to get her creation on the shelves. 

Kara stands undaunted, now the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc., one of the most successful beverage companies of all time. 

In this episode, Kara shares with us her journey to become a CEO and author of her new book out now Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters, which was released in October of 2020. The life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one, and Kara wants to share as much as she can with others on this path. Tune in to this episode to hear about Kara’s resilient attitude and the steps she took to achieve her goals.

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In This Episode You’ll Also Learn:

  • [00:40] How an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ ends up an ‘accidental author’ too 
  • [04:10] Kara’s decision to make lifestyle & diet changes led to slicing up fruit for her water
  • [12:30] What Kara shares with all entrepreneurs she speaks with trying to make their way with their product or service.
  • [15:00] The journey from tech executive to entrepreneur and what that looked like for Kara
  • [16:43] Sometimes you’re maxed out in your career and you need to leave and try a new company or industry and do something you are truly interested in. 
  • [19:28] Taking small steps as a business owner to achieve your goals.
  • [23:26] The importance of diversifying your business and not “putting all your eggs in one basket”
  • [32:05] Getting caught up in comparison and how to move past that to make sure you have a quality product and/or service. 
  • [40:00] Surround yourself with supportive people in your business…whether it be spouse, partner, friends, or family. 
Watch the Full Episode Here:

Here are a few of my favorite takeaways:

  • As an entrepreneur, you have to get over the fear and seek out the opportunities you have. The worst that can happen is that people say no, and then use that situation to learn a lesson and regroup from there. 
  • It’s not an easy path starting a business with a service or product. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the big things first, but starting with just a few small steps is key.
  • When you’re running your business it’s important to diversify and be visible in multiple areas. Don’t rely too much on one platform to make money. 
  • Surrounding yourself with supportive people in your business…whether it be spouse, partner, friends, or family will help you overcome fears and the scary parts and help you move forward and accomplish your goals.

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About Kara Goldin:

Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc., best known for its award-winning Hint water, the leading unsweetened flavored water. She has received numerous accolades, including being named EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Northern California and one of InStyle’s 2019 Badass 50.  Previously, Kara was VP of Shopping Partnerships at America Online. She hosts the podcast The Kara Goldin Show.   Her first book, Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters, was released October 2020 and is now a WSJ and Amazon Best Seller.  Kara lives in the Bay Area with her family.

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