How to Create a Millionaire Mindset

The million-dollar question I have for you is, “Do you believe you actually can create a million dollar business?”  I have had the great fortune to sit around the table with some of the most amazing 7 and 8 figure women in business. I’ve also interviewed countless millionaires and billionaires about what it really took to grow their business.  In this week’s episode I will be sharing the common thread in every single millionaire so you can use it to grow your business too.  

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We need more women creating 7-figure business, so we can create more wealth and put in back into the world. If you’re not clear with what it is that you want to create, then the conscious mind can’t step into action to make it happen for you. 

My first couple steps are so important for you to embrace in your millionaire mindset when it comes to growing your business. So start here and watch where you put your time and energy so you can invest in the things that will bring your business to life. 

Create a Clear Vision

Did you know that 95% of everything you create in your life is based on your subconscious. That’s the part of the brain that you don’t realize is working and it’s working all the time.  To expand you must decide what you want for yourself. It’s not an easy task and it requires honest contemplation- but you need to get clear on your vision and what it is that you really want for your business and life. 

Believe in Yourself

If there is a belief within you that deep down doesn’t believe that you can create a 7-figure business no matter what systems or people you put in place you will have a hard time achieving it. How well you grow depends on all your inputs. Thoughts are inputs. Beliefs are inputs. Criticism, trauma, praise, gratitude, goal-setting, and spiritual work are all inputs. What you allow to stay inside becomes part of the overall outcome and will directly impact your vision.

The Power of Intentions

I personally have an incredible spiritual mentor who taught me the power of intention and how to breathe life into them everyday to help make my dreams possible. Intentions are the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of your desires, whether it’s to create a 7-figure business, a better relationship, love or anything else. It’s important you have a clear vision, believe you can actually create it, write out your intentions and then sit down daily to breathe life into your intentions.

Positive Affirmations

What is it that you desire to create? How will it positively impact your life? Let’s say it’s more wealth in your business. 

Do you believe you can actually create more wealth in your business? Don’t forget ALL thoughts are inputs. What you allow to stay inside becomes part of your overall outcome.

What is one of your intentions? Create an inspiring & empowering affirmation to support your intention. Write it out.

I AM_____________________________________.

Now repeat this process for all of your intentions. And take the time daily to sit down and breathe life into your intentions. 

Personally, I’ve never been more passionate about helping women grow successful, Brilliant brands as I am today. We need more women to rise to the 2% (to increase that number) and so that we can make the change we NEED to see in the world. I see this happening. I believe it’s possible. I know I’m here to help make it happen in your life. I sit down and breathe life into my intentions

I AM perfect, whole and complete.

I AM building and creating a 7-figure brand that is going to impact millions of women’s lives. 

You know I would love to hear from you! What was your big A-HA? Please post your comments below. And if you loved this video be sure to share it with a friend because when you are inspired, you inspire others and we need more inspiration in the world right now. 

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