How To Build Your Big Vision And Create A Business Empire With Katrina Scott

Tone It Up is one of the most successful fitness empires in the world. However, the journey to becoming great took a lot of overcoming fear and getting comfortable with doing the uncomfortable. On today’s show, Cofounder Katrina Scott joins Keri Murphy to share how she was able to build her big vision and make her dream a reality – from starting on YouTube as one of the first-ever fitness experts to creating a global brand and successful fitness empire. Katrina is a successful entrepreneur, passionate brand-building expert, and new mom that advocates for body kindness and self-love.

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How To Build Your Big Vision And Create A Business Empire With Katrina Scott

Ms. Katrina Scott, you have no idea how excited I am to have you on the show. I feel like we’ve been working on this for a while and the day has come. We’re practically neighbors. One of these days, we’re going to get that glass of wine and we’re going to sit down in person. For this, Katrina, first of all, there’s nothing I love more than speaking to amazing businesswomen that have built brilliant brands. You have done that over the years. Tone It Up is one of the most successful fitness empires in the world. That is not a small feat. I want to hear so much. We’re going to talk business. We’re going to talk about life. I want to know you didn’t wake up one day and have a fitness empire. I’m assuming that was not the case. You always had the vision for it?

Yes. I knew that I wanted to do something great. I had a feeling of a greater purpose for sure.

That’s where it begins. You don’t exactly know what it’s going to look like, but there’s this inner knowing that there’s something big in there.

Even in high school, I was dreaming of what I could create one day and I would create vision boards. Some of my friends probably thought I was crazy. You have to be unafraid to look a little crazy to have these big ideas. I hope that your idea is so big that everyone around you goes, “What?” That means you’re onto something. If they have never seen it before, you’re going to get that reaction. It was a lot of that for a while. I’m grateful for even the beginning where it was like, “When are you going to get a real job?” My dad being like, “What’s that YouTube thing?” He’s cute. Even my parents were my number one supporters on everything, even with me moving to California and pursuing this too. That is important, surrounding yourself whether it’s parents or friends or anybody. A lot of times maybe family doesn’t support you but surrounding yourself with people that lift you up is important. If the people around aren’t supporting you, then finding amazing women like you in groups, mentorship and masterminds are important to have that support around you.

It’s why I’m even hosting the Brilliant Event, which I’m excited. You’re going to be a speaker because there is something so powerful about like-minded women, in particular, coming together because less than 4% of all women-owned businesses make over seven figures. That number to me blows my mind. Going back to something that you said, I’ll never forget someone said to me when I told them what I did, they’re like, “You have a little crazy in your DNA.” I’m like, “Yeah, I do.” It’s okay to feel a little crazy because if you were “normal,” you wouldn’t achieve that 4%, 2%, 1% success out there. Take me back, Katrina, to where you started. I know you were in Boston. Here’s the thing. I teach people how to be on camera. You started on YouTube as one of the first-ever fitness experts. Tell me about that.

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YouTube was all music and someone had asked me to be on a YouTube channel. They were hosting these workouts and nutrition things. I had never been on camera before, but I had been teaching fitness classes with 60 to 100 people. That’s scary. Teaching in front of a camera lens, that’s even scarier. I feel like I thrive and feed off of the energy in a room and a bunch of people being there, but talking to a lens. When you’re afraid, say yes, and you never know what you’ll find out or learn. You could totally learn that, “I don’t want to be on camera. I want to have a podcast where I’m buying the mic.” You might discover your brilliance in different ways. That’s the main thing. What I realized being on camera, even though I was uncomfortable at first is I could speak to millions of women. That was my purpose. I knew that I wanted to help women in all aspects of their life. Teaching classes, coming in and coming out and not having that relationship with everybody that I could through video and through YouTube. I realized that I had to get over my fear of being on camera because being on camera was a way to feel my purpose.

You have to get over your fear in order to step into that vision. It’s a podcast or a video, I love that you said that, Katrina. Anything that you do for the first time, it’s uncomfortable. It feels awkward. I don’t know if you know that we share the group exercise background together. I have taught for many years. There’s something palpable about that energy in the room when you get everyone going that you don’t get when you press record on camera.

It’s quiet. In group fitness, there is music pumping and all this stuff. When you record, it has to be silent. You add music after. It gives you that perspective of watching your favorite movies where the music is suspenseful. Those actresses and actors are good at what they do because they don’t have that music. Like in Titanic, it was quiet. Titanic is known for its music. That’s such a crazy thing for me. I’m random of what I say. It’s crazy to even film a HIIT workout or something and have no music. After it’s added, music affects you and pumps you up. I love group fitness. I miss teaching. I teach live workouts right now. I love it because I can have music. My husband deejays them. You can see everyone in the class live. I live for that. I’ve been doing that, especially during the quarantine. I’m like, “How can I connect with everyone?” We’re cooped up.

That’s what we have to remember to keep thinking about, Katrina, is how are we reaching people? If you can’t do it in a live space, how else can you reach them? You’ve done such an amazing job doing that, but I want to go back to Tone It Up. When you’re looking at building a brand, many people get nervous about, “Do I name it after myself? Do I name it after a thing? How do I decide what the name is? I’m curious to know how did you come to the decision of using Tone It Up as the brand name?

I can’t take credit because it was Brian, my husband. Naming a business after your name, there are many successful, especially women on businesses, whether it’s a clothing line or something that’s named after your name. You’re like, “I’m going to go for it. I’m tying my name to this.” It’s brave to do that. I was in Boston. This is crazy. I remember sitting at my dining room table staring at the lines in the table trying to think of brand names, and I’ll never forget this. Anyone that has come up with a brand name has that moment and knows that moment. It’s a special moment. Some people have asked me like, “Why are you tied to that brand name?” People come in and they’re like, “Should you rebrand and change the brand name?” I’m like, “What?” You don’t understand. I remember the grain of wood that I stared at, cried and tried to figure out how I was going to do this.

IL 2 | Building Your Big Vision
Building Your Big Vision: Whether you have five, ten, fifteen, or a hundred employees or more, you will always be responsible.

Every entrepreneur has that moment where they remember when they came up with their brand name and that’s special. It was too expensive. It was $680 Tone It Up and it was a domain name. I was like, “That’s more than my rent,” several years ago. I was calling Brian. He’s like, “You kept saying Tone It Up. All women come to you.” They’re like, “I don’t want to lose weight. I don’t want to do this.” I’m like, “What is that?” It’s muscle tone. I totally get it. I told him, “I want the name of whatever I do in the future to be the result of how she feels. I didn’t want it to be about me because it’s not about me. I wanted it to be about her.” Instead of tying my own identity and DNA to this, I wanted her to be able to tie her DNA to this.

That ended up happening, not even on purpose where women form Instagram handles that are TIU, Tone It Up. He was like, “Tone It Up.” I was like, “No, it’s too expensive.” He calls me and says, “Katrina, I’m in between calls. You’ve got to do Tone It Up.” I’m like, “It’s $680.” He was like, “I’ll pay your rent next month.” He was moving. I was moving three months after him, but I was obsessed with trying. I wanted to know that I had something to move with because I had already built up such a strong clientele in Boston. I was in personal training. I was attached to my clients. Before I made the move to California with him, I wanted to make sure I had some sense of security about what I was doing. That was something that I obsessed over.

As soon as I bought Tone It Up, I was like, “This is going to be huge.” I’m thinking about the branding, the merchandising. As soon as you have that, it comes to you, sits on it for a little while, buys a few other domain names. I bought some other ones. At first, I had, but it didn’t have the zing. Having someone who pushes you whether it’s a mentor, mastermind group, family, friends, which I’m saying sometimes it’s not always family and friends. I’m very fortunate that my family and friends were like, “Go for it.” I had run into a lot of people that’s not the case. It’s okay. You can find people that they’ll shout from the rooftop your name, the brand name, because they’re proud of you. They’re excited and they’ll help you to bounce ideas off of and say like, “How does this sound?”

We have 40 or more domain names that we continually buy and be like, “We’ll name something this. What about this?” I relate to that. Katrina, you said something though that I want to go back to. It’s the secret to what makes a brand grow. You said that your brand was not about you. If you have a brand that is your name, it’s still not about you. Every brand is about knowing who you’re talking to. You said that clearly. It was about, “What does she care about? What’s the result that I’m going to give her?” To me, I feel like that is something that more women need to understand when they’re building a business is that in order for us to scale and grow, we need to understand that whether it’s being on camera or the image of the brand, which I want to talk to you about, it’s not about you. It’s about the person you’re serving.

When you make it about her, it will grow and she can make it about her. You want her to be able to say, “This is for me.” We’re speaking about female businesses. He might also look at your brand and think it’s for him.

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Katrina, let’s talk about how you’ve infused yourself with the brand. When I work with people, a lot of people struggle with, “How much do I share? Do I have to share everything?” You are connected to your brand, your image, your family. You’re transparent. You’re vulnerable. Why do you think that’s important? Looking back, what would you do differently?

I can’t help but not have a relationship with something that I need, whether it’s a brand or a person. I still talk to clients that I personally trained in Boston, even that came to my classes. I still talk to them, whether it’s through Facebook or Instagram. Once I connect with someone, I like to keep them. I feel like I hoard people.

You want to build relationships with people.

I won’t ever let things go, which is also ensuring therapy for it. There are a lot of people out there right now where their goal is to create a company, never have their identity tied to it and then sell it. Be like, “I’m going to build this to sell it. I’m not going to build this to have a relationship with the person, the consumer or the customer.” I don’t say those words, but I have a community. I don’t think that I intentionally did something or not. It’s in me and who I am. Developing that relationship with your community is important because it is a relationship. It’s a two-sided relationship. When you think about sales, I love this quote by Angie Lee. It’s an exchange of confidence. If you’re confident in the relationship and then she’s confident in the relationship, then it blows. It’s an exchange of confidence, that is what she said.

I’m confident in what I do that I want her to feel that same way. It locks in. If you name your business after your name, it’s brave. Anyone that did that who’s reading, “Wow.” The other part, if any of you are the face of your brand, very brave. You have to realize whether you have 5, 10, 15, 100 employees or more, you will always be responsible. If you’re a CEO of a company that is a brand, you don’t have to be the face of it. Sometimes you can hand things off to HR or things happen in the public. We’ve seen a lot of that. They hand off of a PR letter that goes out and you get to sign it. If you are the face of your brand, you take responsibility for everything forever. If there’s a mistake over here or something happens with the business, you have to be fully prepared for that. It’s not always pretty, but it’s a learning lesson.

IL 2 | Building Your Big Vision
Building Your Big Vision: When you are the face of your business, you’re not only a leader of the company but the leader of everyone that is a consumer of your brand.

Knowing that if you’re starting out or you’re a few years in or whatever, know that when anything happens, even if it’s not your fault or even fear like you want to go out and be like, “This wasn’t me. It was over here. I’m taking 100% responsibility for this. I’m going to make it right. Thank you.” I’m aligned with you talking with your community saying, “I totally hear you. This is how we’re going to correct it.” No matter what business you’re in, you’re going to approach situations where you have to stand up and you have to stand up for everybody there. Taking responsibility is what a leader does. When you are the face of your business, you’re not only a leader of the company, but you’re the leader of everyone that is a consumer of your brand.

When something happens in the world, they’re going to be expecting to hear from you. You have to have a voice, even when it shakes and even when you are stuttering. I’m a personal trainer and I’ve had to learn web design. I’ve had to learn creative direction. I’ve had to learn customer service. I’ve got to learn all these other things. If you also go into a situation when you’re building a brand and you’re like, “That’s not my expertise,” that’s okay. You hire people that can do great things, but you can never sit back and say that you’re too good for that job. I still pay for the company.

The janitor, the cook, the admin were everything. You said something too that is important is that you have to be willing to take 100% responsibility. Especially through these times, we’re seeing a lot of leaders being called out, being challenged. We see what’s happening in that landscape. I did some research on this, Katrina. I was fascinated to find out that consumers or communities are much more likely to work with us if we take responsibility and say, “I messed up. I’m sorry. We’re doing everything we can to correct this.” Instead of saying, “No, that wasn’t me. That was the HR Department or this was someone else.” They will stick with you through time if you take that responsibility. I want to say we need to own it as women leaders. We need to have a voice. We need to have a strong voice. We need to also say we’re imperfect. We make mistakes and that’s okay too.

A lot of people have reached out to me and said, “I want to know what to say right now because Black Lives Matter and they’ve always mattered. I don’t know what to say. My company doesn’t have a face. How do we address this?” I’m like, “Everyone right now wants to know that there’s a human on the other side of anything. Humanize this. Come out and say that you care.” If you are not the face of your brand, don’t be afraid to step out and be that face, especially when it matters the most. People need to see that there are people behind the purpose and people behind the brand that they’re talking to. It goes a long way. Not signing off an email and being like, “It’s done.” Be that person and open it up. It’s not the last time. It’s going to be a long journey. Making that there’s always open dialogue and people appreciate transparency. Being human saying like, “I’m learning,” and that’s authentic too. People throw around the word authenticity, but it is important for your brand and face or not, the name of your business is your name or not, whatever it is. The more human that you can be, the better it will feel good when you go to bed at night. That’s how we want it to be.

I could not agree with you more. In a world that is busy and saturated and everything’s online and we’re going a million miles a minute, it is that authentic, transparent voice that is going to build community, not a glossy, perfect, everything’s rainbows and lollipops. I have followed you for a long time. I’m a big fan of your branding and who you are and the tribe you’ve built. What I loved about you I have to say is after you had that beautiful little girl, who puts a smile on anyone’s face, you were authentic with showing up postpartum. I had a baby too at 45. It’s a real thing. You feel this pressure. I want to talk about this. This ties in with the brand. You feel so much pressure to show up perfect, to show up in a way that you think other people expect, to show up in a way that you feel you need to show up as. Three months in postpartum, you show like you had the cutest little postpartum belly. You’ve worked back to your ripped self. You were totally okay and joyful with that. Can you share with me why you decided to share that? I’m sure there was a little bit of uncertainty perhaps in expressing that as you’re the fitness expert.

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Being in the business of bodies, it always comes back to that. It took a lot of work first. For me, going into pregnancy, being secure with surrendering to body changes as soon as there was a lot more cellulase because I already had cellulite. This is with hormones. This is going to happen. Showing the stretch marks, showing my body throughout the entire pregnancy, that was a lot of self-work pre-pregnancy. That’s important too knowing that going into pregnancy, your body’s going to change. It’s a beautiful thing, the fact that we’re able to make life. You’re allowed to cry at the foot of your closet because nothing fits.

You’re totally allowed to have those moments too. I’m here to validate your feelings are real. If you don’t want that stretchmark and you’re lathering up with cocoa butter, I was doing that too. If you have those marks too, those are your tiger marks. There’s a little bit of both. There’s the, “I’m a fitness professional and everyone’s expecting me to bounce back.” Many people said, “Bounce back.” You’re going to be able to sell many programs because you’re going to show that you can be fit and you can bounce back right away and not even look like you even had a baby. I was like, “Why do we want to look like we didn’t have a baby, but we did? Why do I want to go backwards when we’re going forward?” I tried to sit back, hear what everyone was saying.

When you tell a woman that she’s going to bounce back, that’s putting pressure on her. I had a lot of pressure as a fitness professional to bounce back and to sell programs by doing it. I realized as being the heaviest girl in my school, growing up until about sixth grade, I knew that it may not look like that for me. It may or may not. I didn’t know. Not knowing, I was like, “I’m going to share how it is.” That fourth trimester, I don’t want anyone to ever put pressure on themselves to lose weight. You are in survival mode, probably not sleeping, breastfeeding. Your hormones are crazy. You have a newborn. Don’t worry about losing weight. I didn’t worry about losing weight. Maybe I could have, but I didn’t worry about it. I hardly worked out because I was tired. I was breastfeeding. I was pumping through the night. I was dealing with a baby that woke up every two hours. I wanted to show that I wasn’t worried about it so that way she shouldn’t either. I’m not concerned with selling programs, but I think it sold more programs.

I guarantee you, it probably sold more programs. I want you to learn this that she was committed to being authentic and real. I feel again to continue the fact that you do that throughout your brand. You’re transparent. It’s the key to building a community. It is why people love you and will continue to follow you no matter what you do, the fact that you’re showing. I’m imperfect. When we give ourselves permission to show up real and vulnerable, we give other women permission to do the same. Yet, how many times do we get stuck in our mode of, “I’m not perfect. I don’t look good enough. I need to lose 10 pounds. My website’s not good enough,” before we decide to claim what it is that we want to do? I feel like you give such great validation to be who you are because there’s not going to be another you with stretch marks.

Imagine that I put all that pressure on. I would have had to have someone else watch my daughter and maybe breastfeed them. I don’t know how I would have pulled it off. Imagine if I did maybe even fake it, how would have I felt at the end of the day if I was like, “Look at me now. I have my body back by my program?” I can’t even fathom that. It doesn’t even feel like my story. I don’t know, I feel good. Your body is something that you live with your whole life. I’m fortunate to be able to create a daughter. If you’re reading this and you’re like, “My body is different and all this and that,” that is beautiful in the fact that you’re able to make life. That’s great. If you can’t, I’m there with you and there are other things that we can do to.

IL 2 | Building Your Big Vision
Building Your Big Vision: When people see that there are people behind the purpose and the brand that they’re talking to, it goes a long way.

Katrina, thank you for sharing that. I will say that by you being vulnerable again, you allow other women to show up as their true authentic selves whether you’re building your business or you want to build a happy, inspired life. There’s nothing greater than being unapologetically who you are. It sounds so cliché, but it is. I feel the key to building an inspired business is doing that thing that feeds your soul, that feeds other people’s soul. If you came out three months postpartum looking like a cover model, not only I want to go find you, but other women couldn’t relate to that. They would admire it, but they couldn’t relate to it. By you saying, “I’m going to love myself through this,” you probably created a stronger tribe than ever.

I’ve had friends that did have a six-pack abs. I’m like, “Good for you.” There are many quotes that we see like, “Live authentically you,” and this and that, but it’s understanding that not sitting back and saying, “How can I be authentic is not authentic.” Sitting back and saying, “How can I live my life and make sure that I share that?” Being anything else than who you are is like you’re lying. You want to lie to the people that are pressing follow and being part of your community. That’s not naturally in you. Don’t do something that’s not naturally you.

No matter what people tell you to do, there are stories of people that have been molded to fit a person’s ideal. At the end of the day, all they want to do is rip off that mask and be who they are. If you can do that from the beginning, realizing that every step you take you’re going to evolve into another version of yourself, but giving yourself permission to be who you are. Katrina, I want to go back to business. You now are a mother. You are in a different part of your life, balancing things, even though I don’t believe in balance. What advice would you give someone who, like you, sees this big vision for their life? They know deep down that they’re meant to do something great. I’m excited that we get to have you at Brilliant because I could talk to you for hours. I want to know, what did you do? What did you not do? What mistakes were made? What would you do again and again? What advice would you share with someone who knows that, like you, they want to build a community and a global brand?

There are a million things that I could tell her. Going on the theme of us talking, you have a pure heart, so share that. Whoever you want to attract into your life will come. People will say like, “You’ve been able to create a positive community, whether it’s fitness or mommy-hood or even sharing the love of other things in life. You get to surround yourself with whoever you want, whatever you want to do, it’s up to you. If you try to be something else, you’re going to get someone else. Whatever you want in this life and getting too sentimental here, do that. If you attract ten people, that should fulfill you. I miss the days of having a classroom where I’m teaching classes and it was a tight-knit family. I also missed the days where it was 1,000 women. Making sure you’re happy along the way of growing too. Doing things that make your heart happy because it will make other people’s hearts happy too.

It’s a simple advice, but it’s true. We can get caught up in false metrics of, “How many likes do I have? How many people are commenting?” I don’t have a big of a following as this person. If you have a following of ten that are with you, those are ten hearts. Those are ten people. It starts there. People feel like they wake up and all of a sudden, they’re going to have this huge following and that following is cultivated over time. You’ve had this brand for several years.

Even putting a number on that, I believe the community started when I was teaching classes in college. When I saw girls coming into my group fitness class and then forming friendships and leaving that class, and becoming friends who they were squatting with, that’s amazing unity. A lot of the women that are in the community that were like the OGs were women that worked out with me in Boston are one of my personal training clients. Now new chapters and new places that we can go, it’s so much beyond how it even started. This has been a lifelong journey. Several years registering an LLC, but everything that you do starts the moment you were born. You get to take things that you grew up learning and bring it into the rest of your life. Your brand started years before you need it.

Inspired Living is who Keri has been since she was a little girl. This is the grownup evolution of that and it is. Your business is an extension of who you are. The more you understand what, who and love and appreciate that person, man or woman, the easier it is to probably make decisions to grow your business. I want to know what are you most proud of? What do you feel has been the best decision you’ve made in your business? I know there are probably many in your life.

Making women feel good about who they are. Seeing that in person and meeting women or going on Instagram Live or seeing a photo from afar, I feel so connected. I feel like if I was able to tell her that she’s beautiful and capable whether it’s doing burpees or whether it’s starting a business or feeling confident as a mother, “I’m going through a journey now and wanting to grow our family,” whatever that is. It goes beyond. It’s making her happy.

We feel that from you. We say a brand is a way you make someone feel and you can tell that it’s important for you to make people feel good. Thank you for that. I also have to ask the opposite question, even though I don’t believe we ever make mistakes. We’re constantly growing and evolving, even though I’ve made some doozies myself. If you were to look back and say, “I wouldn’t do that again,” what would be that thing?

I can answer that quickly, bringing people into your dream and trying to make your dream other people’s dream, and bringing people into your brand that don’t understand that every single person that likes, if it’s ten people, those are hearts. As you grow your company, interviewing and referencing people is important. Making sure that everyone that you bring into your dream understands that dream under it and understands how important that community is and understanding that’s a real heart on the other side of it. You’re going to have people come in that want to start doing emails with you or for you or without you. We got this. We can apply this best practice from this company over here that is completely different than yours and apply it over here. I would say the biggest mistake is making sure. I take responsibility for that 100%. You should too. It’s my responsibility to make sure that I bring the right people into this right here. She, who is following Tone It Up or whatever it is, we have a responsibility to her. I take responsibility for anything that doesn’t feel authentic to that.

Sometimes you have the best intentions, and I will say one of the things that are the most challenging with building a business is building the right team and finding the right people. Sometimes we bring in someone or we do something feeling it’s going to be the best thing to do, and then we realize it wasn’t. That goes back to trusting your gut and making sure that if there’s anything that feels off in the beginning that you trust that, at least I’ll speak for myself. There have been little moments where I felt like, “I didn’t listen to myself there.”

If you have a company, community customers, big or small, whatever it is, not one company is the same. What you’re doing is what no one else has done unless you’re ripping off someone and doing exactly what they’re doing. It’s not even possible because you don’t know what another company is doing. When someone even asks who your competitor is, I don’t even know. I’m like, “Who is doing exactly what we’re doing?” You cannot hire someone and take advice from everybody to go where you’re going, because no one knows where you’re going. Only you know where you can go. Hire amazing people who believe in your dream and believe in your community and know that they’re real hearts. At the end of the day, attract incredible people. We have the most amazing female president in Manhattan Beach. Her name is Marina. I go on about her for another show. It feels good at the end of the day.

Katrina, you’re such an amazing woman. Thank you for your time. I want to wrap up by asking what does inspired living mean to you?

Feeling inspired is something that we’re not all going to feel all day every day. We have that expectation like, “I should always feel inspired.” Inspired living is having beautiful moments of feeling inspired and living day-to-day to match that inspiration and knowing that you’re going to have your tough days and you’re going to have your amazing days, but you’re still living inspired. You’re still doing great things. I hope that’s a good answer.

It’s the perfect answer. Brilliant 2020, September 13th through the 15th. We’re going to deep dive so much more into the behind the scenes in the workings of Tone It Up. You personally, Katrina, because I know you have some amazing things that you’re working on, which brings me to what are you up to next? What’s next for you?

I feel like I’m getting to know myself. I know that’s crazy. I’m the same person in sixth grade as I like the way that I feel emotionally, connected, wanting relationships and all those things, but I don’t even feel the same the past year. You can be the same child that you were always or have the same feelings, but then you can also evolve as a person.

I always say I’m on Keri 5.0, like there’s some version. It’s like we never lose who we are, but we’re constantly evolving into who we’re going to continue to become.

I feel a little more awake than I ever was before. I’m focused on the family. Taking a step back and going, “I don’t have to have it all figured out.” I’m open to what the next few years take me. I feel like for a while, it was planned. When I moved to California, “I have to have the brand name.” You see how I was like, “I’ll have to know this. This is what we’re going to do.” I was always planned. I completely surrendered. I’ve completely freed all of my energy, which is a great book, by the way, everyone, for your energy, I no longer feel responsible. If you feel completely responsible for everything and everyone around you, you’re not going to take care of yourself. In turn, you’re not going to be able to give. We all hear that, but it’s true where I feel like I felt responsible. I had to know exactly where everything was going. Being selfish isn’t totally selfish sometimes. You’re taking care of everyone by being you, discovering you and evolving. You can’t evolve if you’re constantly planning when you’re living in a state of fear and fear change. What’s next for me? I want to serve more women in that way and evolve together and learn more.

We don’t have to have everything figured out at every moment. I love the Walt Disney quote when he was asked about his vision. He’s like, “I don’t know. It’s bright and sparkly and it’s out there.” We have to give ourselves permission to be. Katrina, thank you for your time. If people want to connect with you, what is the best way to do that?

It’s @KatrinaScott on Instagram. You can also text me. If you go to my Instagram, you go on my link in my bio. If you text me, you can also get inspirational texts and videos and things straight from my life to yours. When you hear from me on the text and you’re like, “I needed to hear that.” I’m sharing what I needed that day. I was all set out with an inspirational quote and someone will be like, “How did you know I needed that?” I’m like, “I needed that.” I teach workouts in the Tone It Up app and it’s amazing. You can find me there too.

You can join us at the Brilliant Event, go to It’s September 13th through the 15th 2020. We’re going to get deeper into how Katrina grew her empire, pull back the curtain and get real and intimate and help more women grow and scale 7 and 8-figure brands. I truly believe that if we are going to create change in the world, we need more women creating wealth that can feed their soul, feed their communities, and give back to this planet. Katrina, I’m thrilled to have you. I can’t wait. Thank you for sharing and being with us.

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About Katrina Scott

IL 2 | Building Your Big VisionKatrina Scott is a successful entrepreneur, passionate brand-building expert, and new mom that advocates for body kindness and self-love. Scott started her career in Boston as a Master Fitness Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with a degree in Health Science. Scott began filming workout videos as the first Fitness Expert on YouTube. As Scott’s fresh perspective on health and wellness reached millions of women in the first year, she moved to California to pursue her dream of creating a powerful fitness brand, Tone It Up.

Co-founding TIU, one of the most successful Fitness Empires in the world, the brand has been featured in Business Insider, Shape, SELF, on Good Morning America, and the Today Show. Scott has been on the cover of Women’s Health, LA Yoga, Athletics and Fitness Association of America, and the Improper Bostonian as a ‘fitness phenom’. She is a passionate writer and the co-author of the New York Times bestselling book Tone It Up: 28 Days To Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous and Balanced and Beautiful: 5-Day Reset For Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Scott has been featured in Forbes for creating a successful fitness empire and named Create & Cultivate’s top 100, honoring women who are masters in their field. She has also headlined the POPSUGAR Play/Ground Festival and has been a keynote speaker at the Happy Mom Conference, featuring Body Kindness and Postpartum Health and Wellness.

With over 10 years experience in community building, producing video content, and successful online marketing, Scott is dedicated to helping women in their careers— igniting their creative brilliance, passion, and purpose.

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