Do you share “the real stuff” in your videos? You should. Here’s why.

As you probably know, one of my favorite things is teaching and equipping entrepreneurs to expand their businesses using video. I love helping you make a greater difference and income with your message. Sadly, most people don’t know how to do that. They get sucked into sharing the “highlight reel” of their life instead of what people really connect to…the real stuff.

We recently offered a five-class series on how to use video in your business. I invited my team of Inspired Living experts in the areas of systems, marketing, messaging, and social media to join me, and we shared loads of practical strategies that participants could implement each day. It was so much fun and the energy in the group was incredible! 

Here’s one short segment (only 3 minutes) from one of those live classes, in which I talked about why you need to get on Instagram Stories, do Facebook Live videos, and share other unscripted, “behind-the-scenes” video content. 

You can be a part of our next master-class series when you join Ignite Your IT Factor on Facebook. It’s an amazing community of passionate entrepreneurs, and it’s where we announce upcoming training and events first. 

P.S. Interested in the Inspired Living Academy mentioned in the video? More information available here.


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