How to Avoid the High Cost of Conflict, Spotlight Interview with Mediator Dana Garnett

Conflict… none of us want it yet we all experience it. When it comes to businesses, it can be devastating – whether it’s a professional partnership or a family-owned business. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a conflict you just don’t know how to resolve, and you know this could have long-term consequences. 

I have good news for you! Amazing people like Dana Garnett, Mediator and CPA, can help you through that time. Dana’s goal is to get you and your company to a happier and safer place.  She specializes in conflict strategy, so she can come into businesses and shed new light and opportunity on even the deepest divides. 

Dana was impassioned to this place 5 years ago from her own personal crisis, merging her Big 8 Accounting, International Fortune 100, and 22 years’ experience with diverse cultures across six continents, and vastly global life lessons

It takes courage to talk about something you describe as “the most unbelievably debilitating experience.” When we sat down together recently, she spoke candidly about this agonizing and extremely costly conflict, and how it ushered her into what she calls “post-traumatic growth.” 

Today, Dana works primarily with small businesses and family-owned businesses. They are the backbone of our economy, she says. And if they can’t survive conflict, their business could fail. She wants everyone to know the good news: it only takes one person to shift, to get into alignment, for the entire situation to change. 

You will want to watch the entire interview, not only to hear Dana’s whole story but also to learn the 3 tips she says you can use in any conflict. 

I encourage you to think ahead, as Dana advises, and create a plan before the storm of conflict hits. You can find her at Take her quiz to discover where you land on her EmoStorm Risk Index™.

You truly can create any life that you desire, and it all starts with you.

Keri Murphy of Inspired Living


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