We’re LIVE Behind the Scenes at “IT” Factor

I’m taking you behind the scenes of our Lights, Camera, Action! day at “IT” Factor. I’ll show you what goes into making a professional video, and all the pre-shoot prep we do before we record one second!

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I’ve been at our production studio for the last day and a half, working one-on-one with seven amazing women entrepreneurs on their Positioning Videos! The first day, I spend time with each client going over their unique “IT” Factor while coaching them through finding their message that truly capitalizes on their experience, talent and product. We rehearse how to make the camera love you and learn tools to overcome our fear of the camera (pro tip – all of us have fears to overcome! ). I make sure each of my students are fully ready to present her captivating marketing message.

Today, we brought in my celebrity GLAM squad to get each of these women polished and feeling amazing for their shoot. After a morning of primping and prep, we’re about to start the actual recording! I’m about to show you just what it takes to put all of this together and deliver top-quality videos for each person. Join me on my Facebook page!

P.S. Don’t worry if you miss the live broadcast. We’re saving the video so you can view it later on our videos page.

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