Laurel Rutledge On Discovering What Lights You Up

Have you ever been driving to work on the freeway and asked yourself, Why am I going to this job I don’t like? What am I doing with my life? What is my real purpose? 

My inspiring guest today is Laurel Rutledge, she is a Career Transformation Expert and the mastermind behind the The Rutledge Perspective podcast. After going through her own career transformation, today Laurel works with successful people who are on a career path that no longer feels right. 

I learned so much about how she works with each individual to identify their strengths, their passions, and the kind of work that aligns better. I especially appreciate her wisdom when it comes to making big changes that well-intentioned loved ones just don’t understand. Laurel brings such a breadth of knowledge from her work experience and incredible empathy because she knows first hand what it’s like to climb out of a rut. 

A video for all walks of life, Laurel will share:

  • Why your name is the most valuable asset you have.
  • How to bring all your gifts to the table.
  • Why you’re not crazy for feeling unsatisfied!

When you listen to our interview, you’ll hear about Laurel’s system for getting to the root of the issue and finding what gives you energy so your passions can bloom. 

If you finish our interview and need more encouragement, strength, and perspective on what’s happening in business, you can connect with Laurel at and subscribe to The Rutledge Perspective Podcast on any podcast platform.

Keri Murphy of Inspired Living


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