The other side of perfection, with model, Angie Everhart

Have you ever felt like the odds are stacked against you? That if you were going to accomplish something, you’d have challenges and adversity as far as the eye could see? Some of the most inspiring stories come from people who felt just like this. People who were able to overcome these kinds of roadblocks when others would have thrown in the towel.

Today I’m sitting down with someone who has fought some serious odds in her life and is now stronger and more brilliant than ever. Meet Angie Everhart. Actress, model, and spokesperson.

It’s such a treat to be with Angie. I remember growing up, flipping through that Sports Illustrated Magazine, a little envious of this red-headed beauty. And this was before retouching…

Angie started modeling at 14. With four older brothers, she was a little bit of a tom boy and, they would say, trouble maker. When her mother took Angie’s photo into a modeling agency, Angie didn’t even know what that was.

It wasn’t long after that she went from getting teased for being a “ginger” to being rewarded for it. She found herself living in Eileen Ford’s house – co-founder of Ford Models, a top international modeling agency. It was there she roomed with supermodel, Christy Turlington.

Perhaps Angie’s spunk came from being a little sister, but when Mrs. Ford declared, “Redheads don’t sell!” Angie looked her dead the eyes and said,

“Don’t tell me that I can’t do something.”

Angie went on to become the first redhead to grace the cover of Glamour Magazine, which sold the most copies in its history!

But Angie’s biggest challenge was ahead of her. After having the career that any girl would dream of – traveling the world, being praised for her beauty and perfection – Angie got the wind knocked out of her in an instant. “You have thyroid cancer.” The doctor said.

With adversity like she’s never seen before, Angie had to learn to release chains of perfection that had become her identity and embrace who she was. I’m a person, not a model. She let all that go the moment she sat down and wrote everything she was afraid she might never get to say to her son.

Through her battle with cancer, Angie has discovered some life lessons you don’t want to miss. Learn about:

    • The ugly trap of perfection
    • Why we take things for granted
    • What’s really important
    • Why it takes a village to care for those with cancer
    • How the cliche is true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

This story of Angie’s journey and the opportunities she found in it to help others is an absolute inspiration. Now cancer free – Angie is on a mission to help other cancer patients. Through fundraising, she and her team of doctors are fighting for FDA approval on an all natural drug to treat chemo patients. If there was ever a cause this spokeswoman was meant for, this was it.

Through grief came hope, and through hope came inspiration. That’s what we’re all about around here, and why Angie was the perfect guest.

Feel inspired? Let us know how something beautiful came from adversity in your own life here!

Dream it. Live it. BE it!

Keri Murphy of Inspired Living





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