How to Make More Money with Profit Coach, Susie Carder


I think it’s safe to say that as entrepreneurs there is rarely a time when we ‘re NOT thinking about money!

How do I make more?  

How do I keep what I have?  

How do I create more profit?

Well, I just happen to know an amazing lady who not only has the answers to these questions, but does it better than anyone I’ve ever met, and that is profit coach, author, and speaker, Susie Carder.

Because Susie is the best of the best in the field, I have been working with her myself for many years. As entrepreneurs it’s very easy to focus on our gross revenue, and not think about profit. This lack of emphasis on profit is not only hurting us, but also goes against Susie’s belief that wealth is our birthright.

Susie is a prime example of creating your own destiny. Growing up one of nine kids, living in a 1200 sq. foot house, wealth is not something that was handed down to her. It would have been so easy for Susie to stay in the life that she grew up knowing, but she had a vision for the life she wanted to live, so she created it!  

Susie began her career as a hairdresser. It didn’t take her much time to realize that 15% of this vocation was technical ability, and the other 85% was business acumen, sales, marketing, and operations. As soon as she realized this, she hit the ground running!  Without having a “traditional” college experience, she started taking classes that were highly specific to the skills she wanted to gain. As soon as she would run into another roadblock of something she didn’t know how to do, that was her sign to grow her knowledge!  

Susie describes herself as a lifelong learner and advocate for education.

“Learn it today, implement it tomorrow” are some of her famous words.

It’s with this philosophy that Susie turned her passion for beauty and entrepreneurship into creating the largest beauty and training company in the beauty industry. She grew this company to be in the top 1% in the country, top 10% in the world, and ultimately ended up selling it for 9-figures.  Now that’s impressive!

After the sale of this company, Susie turned her focus to teaching others how to do exactly what she did, with a very systematic process. With the staggering statistic that 80% of entrepreneurs don’t have profit, or pay themselves, Susie knew that she had the tools to fix this epidemic.

Susie has since created a FUN formula for entrepreneurs to follow, so that they can stop stressing about money, and start acquiring the wealth that they deserve.  

It hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies for Susie. It literally took Susie losing everything for her to know how to create wealth.

Tune into this Spotlight Interview to diver deeper into Susie’s story, including:

-How losing her home, her marriage, and all of her money ended up being her biggest lesson and biggest victory.

– Why your company should be your business, not your baby.

– Why having a destination is imperative to the success of your business.

– What 3 things you can do today to increase your wealth.

As entrepreneurs, we have to continually be willing to invest in ourselves. Grab a cup of tea, and invest the next 15 minutes, into watching this video. I can guarantee that you will leave inspired, and ready to claim your wealth!

Make sure you check out Susie’s website, and pass this video along, because when we are inspired, we inspire others!

Dream it. Live it. BE it!



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