A Great Lesson from Musician Sting

How many times has an opportunity presented itself and you blow it off due to timing? What if one of those opportunities led you to living the life you dreamt about since childhood. What is such an opportunity brought you all that you could ever ask for?

Last week in a room of less than 200 people, 6 rows back, I listened to Sting share his philosophy of life, music and how the worldwide phenomenon “The Police” was formed. I was so inspired by his story I could not wait to share it with you and the IL community.

Sting shared with us how one chance meeting with Stewart Copeland (one of the band members) changed his life but it’s what STING did after the meeting that gave me goose-bumps.

Sting dreamt about the life he has now as a young boy. He dreamed about playing music all over the world, being “famous” and living in Tuscany and New York. How did he make such a dream come true when so many of us have dreams that don’t?

How many chance meetings or opportunities come our way that could be “the one” the lead us down such a path? I hope this video inspires you to start taking action and taking a closer look at what opportunites are presenting themselves.

I would love to hear your thoughts so please make sure to share them and if this video inspired you, please share it with someone else.

When you are inspired, you inspire others.

Keep Shining!




PS. Lauren is getting so big! She makes a special guest appearance.  🙂


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