Does Your Title Define You? with Endyia Kinney-Sterns

Have you ever felt defined by your title? Has there been a time in your life that you have lost your title or something else in your life that made you question, who am I? What really defines me?

I was so excited to sit down with Endyia Kinney-Sterns, VP of Programming & Development at OWN, who shares her incredible story with us. Yes, she has “fancy” titles like…one of the Top Female Executives in Hollywood but as you will soon see, she is SO much more!

Endyia shares, “It is so amazing to be named one of the Top Female Executives in Hollywood but when something huge like that happens, it can also make you stop and take a look at who you really are. Regardless of who people think or say you are, you need to know yourself, who are you? This is exactly what I went through.”  She learned that other people’s validation shouldn’t really matter and instead it should be based on how YOU feel.

It is so easy to stamp labels on people we don’t truly know.

When the praise, money, titles, and accolades come and you start to rely on the validation and you feel the pressure to keep up with it all. You start to think- What if I can’t keep up and be the great, talented person everyone thinks I am?

It isn’t until everything is taken away when you really see what you are made of.

After the economic down turn hit the entertainment industry, Endyia felt this first hand. Once the title is lost and you are not the hot commodity you once were, you start to see who my real friends are. Endyia started to realize “If I couldn’t do something for someone anymore, they were gone.” Then she learned her biggest lesson yet- the title might go away but what makes you amazing and what makes you a genius doesn’t go away.

When you live your life based on other people’s thoughts and validations of you, those people are just as broken. You should be in a place where that doesn’t affect you. Things and stuff will come and go but who you are and what makes you is what’s key to survival.

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have gone through a similar situation? Please share your thoughts and comment below.

When you are inspired, you inspire others!



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