The Road to Success is Not Always a Straight One with Tim Miner

We are all born with incredible gifts and talents that when used to the best and highest use possible can make life extraordinary, however the road to success is not always a straight one. In this weeks Inspired Living TV Interview, we learn this as I sit down with the incredibly inspiring and talented Tim Miner, singer, song writer, and producer.

Tim has written over 4,000 songs, plays 17 instruments, was signed to his first music contract at only 16, and was one of the first Caucasians signed to the Motown label. Wow!

For 20 years Tim hid behind a huge secret in the music industry, he couldn’t read music. When Tim was 16 years old his music teacher told him he would never accomplish anything in the music industry if he didn’t know how to read music. That same year he was signed to his first music contract and soon became the first Caucasian to sign with Motown records.

Two years later he went on to write and produce a #1 hit for Gladys Knight. He has worked with just about every music superstar. Tim didn’t let his inability stop him but instead used it to push him harder. Here are some of my favorite take-a-ways…

  • There are no dead ends or obstacles, just detours. There is no such thing as obstacles just an opportunity to go left or right but don’t continue to beat your head up against a closed door.
  • There is power in our words. “Be careful what you say cause you just might be listening.” Don’t rain on your own parade.
  • Be grateful for what you have rather than dwell on what you don’t. The best is yet to come, and we have to believe that.
  • Let the haters and trolls brush off you. Don’t let people debilitate or paralyze you in your dreams. Success will shut the mouth of your haters. Your dreams and destiny can happen to you.

“Speak life over your future, don’t speak death over your future.”

Now, make sure to watch the entire video because there is an amazing treat at the end (I’m still swooning)!! And please share your comments with us below. When you are inspired, you inspire others!

Shine ON!!



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