Inspired Living Interview with CEO of Hammitt Bags, Tony Drockton

Luxury brands embody the glitz, glamour and fairytale lifestyles of fashionistas and a-list celebrities. The side of luxury brands that nobody sees is from the perspective of the entrepreneur building the brand behind the scenes. It is anything but glamorous as Tony Drockton, CEO of Hammitt Bags, will tell you in this Inspired Living interview.

Building a luxury brand is about perfect product placement: in the right hands, at the right place, at the right time and for the right price (which is never on sale). Not wanting to “sell out” to department stores, Tony has spent the first 5 years saying no a lot more than saying yes.

“I am a Classic entrepreneur,” said Drockton. “I thought things would come faster, but building a luxury brand, takes time and you have to be patient.”

Warned by fellow entrepreneurs that this would take a minimum of five years, Tony never gave up on his dream.

In the process however, Tony hit rock bottom.

Have you ever felt like giving up? Watch Tony Drockton’s Inspired Living Interview and be inspired. Sacrifice is sometimes necessary on the path to greatness.  Dream it! Live it! BE it!


“If I could have mortgaged my dog I would have,” Tony joked.

He lost everything his house, his marriage and full custody of his son.

Even in his hardship, Tony reinvented his brand, entrepreneurial spirit and his life and came out on top.

“Any career choice if you are doing it for the money you are never going to be happy, but if you are doing it for love and passion it is amazing how fast the money will come,” said Tony.

“Here we are, we are right at the fifth year and it has happened.”

Watch more of this interview to learn more about Tony Drockton’s path to creating the sought after Hammitt brand. The sacrifices he has made and the lessons he has learned along the way is something we (entrepreneur or not) can take away from. Sometimes letting go in life can lead to more inspiration and happiness than hanging on. Dream it! Live it! BE it!

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  1. Mary Jadwisiak

    Love it Keri – thanks. Did you get to keep the bag?!


    1. Keri

      I actually got a different one and LOVE it! Thanks for watching Mary!

  2. Nancy J. Smith

    Great story! I know the meaning of being persistent and living my dream in my nature photography business. It isn’t always easy, but if you love what you do, you don’t give up and the joy you receive is beyond words.

    Nancy J. Smith, Nature Photographer

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