Are You Being Prepared for Something Greater?

On occasion life throws us in the deep end and tells us to swim. Pain is an inevitable part of life, no one can escape it. At some point we will experience it in some form or another: the death of a loved one, personal illness, financial struggles, losing a job and heartache. These are just a few of life’s struggles. As we tread through the deep waters of hardship and get hit by waves of overwhelming pain it is hard to imagine that this exhausting battle is actually preparing us for something better in the future.

The truth however is that we all grow and are defined by these hard times. In Romans 5:3 it was said, “Rejoice in your hardship, for from hardship comes endurance, from endurance comes character, and from character comes hope, which does not disappoint us.”

Knowing that “this too shall pass” will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, never giving up even in the darkest times. Often times our hardships are preparing us for something greater that we just can’t see yet. Don’t lose the faith…believe that you are being prepared for a greater calling!

Here are some keys to recognizing this and helping you through.

Realize Pain and Hardships Make YOU BETTER (a bit cliche but so true!)

Dealing with pain and hardships can be easier if you realize the opportunity you are presented with to grow. There is not one successful person who did not have their share of challenges to overcome. Although at the time it is hard to look outside of the situation we are in and see that you can learn something new about yourself. If you reevaluate yourself on the other side, you can see that you are stronger, have more strength of character and the will power to trudge ahead and persevere.

Realize Pain and Hardships Won’t Last

Amen to that! What goes up must come down. What comes together must part. What is composite will soon break. What is accumulated will one day disperse. Everything is impermanent.

In Buddhist teachings, the concept of impermanence is one of three truths, declaring that in this world nothing is fixed and permanent. At ANY moment, ANY thing is subject to change.

Buddha compares life to a river. “The river of yesterday is not the same as the river of today. The river of this moment is not going to be the same as the river of the next moment. So does life. It changes continuously, becomes something or the other from moment to moment.”

Applying this concept to pain and hardship makes it easier to remind yourself it won’t last. No matter how bad a situation may seem now, the suffering is not permanent. Be secure in knowing that it will change over time, whether that is an hour from now or a month from now. In the meantime shifting focus onto what you DO have and practicing gratitude will propel you to a better place much faster than focusing on the challenge.

Realize you are NOT Alone-

There are others out there feeling the same emotions you are and battling the same hardships. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Now, I am not a big supporter of gathering groups of people to sit and complain together. On the contrary, when you are going through a really hard time you are best suited to find happy and positive people to hang out with.

However, recognizing that others are going through the same thing you are, or have in the past will help you to deal with these hardships. You can feel a sense of companionship and community among those like you. Find people who you can talk to and share your feelings with.

Just like millions have before you, you can survive any situation and and be stronger for it by remembering these 3 things.

Even through tough times I encourage you to practice gratitude. Be thankful for the challenge and what it is preparing you for. It’s our challenges that make us stronger, wiser and more compassionate leaders.

Shine ON!!





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