How to Create a Stylish Meditation Space in Your Home

By Amanda Gates

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They are the space we wake up in, and the space we retire to after a  long day. Unfortunately, many of us find it hard to relax, and ultimately we choose poor solutions such as eating unhealthy foods, watching too much television, smoking, drinking and sleeping less in an effort to get caught up. It is important to get off the hamster wheel of life and recharge. If you drive your car into the ground and only purchase one tank of gas you will not get very far. Lack of sleep, increased stress, and unhealthy lifestyle choices take their toll until chronic disease sets in.

Wouldn’t it be easier to take 10-20 minutes everyday to change that vicious cycle, gain clarity, inner peace and grace?

In order to create a meditation space you need to first decide: what will meditation do for me? For me, meditation gives inner peace, and clarity. For others, it refuels them and creates calm in the midst of chaos, necessary to slow down in life. Once you know the “why” it is much easier to decorate your space. If you are like most, calming ones mind is essential, so don’t surround yourself with busy patterns, harsh colors and rough textures that could cause distraction. Instead, decide if you would like to use a chair or sit on the floor. Find comfy pillows, soft lighting and surround yourself with things of meaning. Meditation is a sacred space built to reflect, and slow down. Mementos that are special will ensure an elevated mood, and help you unwind.

Closets, unused rooms and corners in a bedroom are ideal spaces for meditation. Most importantly the space needs to be quiet and uninterrupted.

What direction should you face? What is your intention for your meditation? This is similar to your “why”. From the practice of feng shui we are surrounded by chi or vital energy. Depending on the location of your meditation space it is important to consider the way you face. North facing meditation tends to be quieter and calmer, where South or East facing meditation will be more energetic and vitalizing. So ask yourself what is the intention of your practice? Serenity or energy?

The key elements of a meditation space are important to achieve the desired results of meditation. The goal is inner peace and clarity, so a loud chaotic space may be difficult for the first timer to quiet their mind.

Key elements include:

  • Quiet space
  • Uncluttered
  • Chair or cushion
  • Inspiring images
  • An alter
  • Candles/incense

We are like vehicles in this journey of life and we cannot move forward or give back if we fail to recharge and regenerate our energies. Meditation is the necessary fuel that nourishes our lives, and allows us to be our best selves. A meditation space in your home gives you the ability to set the intention that you are taking time for yourself and that you are worth it. When we give to ourselves we can then serve others.


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