Dream it. Live it. Be it.


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What is an inspired life? How exactly does one measure or quantify inspiration? I believe that an inspired life is a life that lives in perfect harmony within a person’s passion, profession and personal life. It’s the inspiration we find that gives us the foundation for creating true and lasting change.“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now! Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.”  – Earl Nightingale

Many of us keep waiting for something to happen until we can be happy. But the truth is happiness is a decision. We can decide to be happy, regardless of our circumstances, and we will attract more happiness. Live your life as if you already have all the things you desire and watch what happens next. Living a happy life is a great way to live!

As an entrepreneur, TV host and speaker, I have developed a four-step program that has helped my clients attain incredible results in achieving happiness and success in all areas of their life, be it personal or professional. Four steps may sound simplistic, but following these guidelines will help you to be clear and focused as you navigate from finding your inspiration to taking the leap to fulfill your goals.

Step 1: Decide
It is important to write out what is it that you want and then decide to make it happen. You have to decide that you CAN attain your goals. A true belief in your ability to affect real change in your life will help you make a solid commitment to following it through.

Step 2: Dedicate
Nothing great happens without the dedication to see it through, but this is hard to come by if you haven’t fully embraced the decision to make it happen in Step 1. Dedication should encompass many facets of you life, from the decisions you make on a daily basis that can affect the outcome of your goals to the people you choose to surround yourself with that can either support you or drive you off your path.

Step 3: Develop
The actual legwork of your journey comes here. To put your plan in action, you need to develop who and/or what you need to become in order to make the goal happen. Don’t be afraid of your potential. Embrace the YOU that you desire to be and don’t shy away from developing the greatness that is within you.

Step 4: Deliver
Time to let the world know! You’ve had the courage to Dream of your goals, now you get to Live it and Be it. Keep in touch with the journey you’ve taken to get here and revisit it when necessary. Life change can be an evolutionary process and requires an ongoing to commitment to keep it up, but take this opportunity to Be the change you’ve worked so hard for and continue to live to your full potential.

Happiness comes when you feel you are on the right path, doing what you do best. Inspiration comes easily when you can experience this real joy in your life. You just have to make the decision to Dream, Live and Be.

Shine ON!!



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