Life is Like a Diet


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“Life can be like a diet. It’s all about what you take in vs. the energy you expend.”- Keri Murphy

I am not someone who believes in dieting as much as I do in creating a healthy lifestyle.

I believe food, much like life, is about balance. Too much in either direction is usually asking for trouble. Because I have been a trainer and group exercise instructor for over 15 years, lately I have been giving a lot of food and exercise tips and realize there are many parallels to eating right and living right.

Contrary to what the dieting industry wants you to know, there is NO magic involved in losing weight. There is just the simple equation: food/caloric intake – energy expended = weight gain or loss.

If you eat less and exercise more you will… (drum roll please)…lose weight. If you eat more and exercise less then you will….you guessed it, gain weight. What you feed your body is very important, but that is a whole other newsletter! 🙂

How we live life can also be modeled after that with just a little tweaking. If you keep your expectations in perspective and DO more…you GAIN a lot. If you expect a lot but do a little…you stand to LOSE a lot.

Work on doing more while evaluating your expectations and watch your life scale change for the better!

Shine ON!!



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